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Reporting of Accessibility Barriers

The topography of our campus, as well as the weather, can pose challenges to easy mobility around campus. Please complete the Reporting Physical Accessibility Barriers Form to report any barriers you encounter as you travel around campus, including sidewalks, curb cuts, elevators and campus buildings. We will expedite easily achievable changes while continuing to modify and upgrade areas that pose greater challenges of accessibility. It is SUNY Geneseo policy to ensure that no student with a disability is denied access to a course in which s/he is enrolled because the classroom/lecture hall is not physically accessible. The Office of Accessibility Services will assist with the relocation of classes or programs that are held in locations that are physically inaccessible.

Accessible Campus Parking 

Please refer to the Parking & Transportation webpage for more information on accessible parking on campus and obtaining a temporary handicap parking permit. Refer to the campus map for handicap parking areas on campus.

Electronic Accessibility

To report inaccessible course content, including inaccessible documents, websites, or other forms of electronic information please complete this “Learning Barriers” Google Form using your school email address. Personnel from CIT and/or Accessibility Services will address the situation promptly.