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Melanie A. Medeiros

Associate Professor
Bailey 149
Portrait of Melanie Medeiros

Melanie A. Medeiros has been a member of the faculty since 2014.

Office Hours

Dr. Medeiros is on sabbatical until Fall 2022.

Curriculum Vitae


  • MA, Ph.D, University of Arizona

  • BA, American University

Selected Publications

  • Medeiros, M.A. In Press. “Rejecting Remarriage: Respectability & Black Brazilian Women’s Decisions to ‘Opt Out’ of Marriage.” In Opting Out: Women Messing with Marriage around the World, edited by Dinah Hannaford and Joanna Davidson. New Brunswick, NJ: Rutgers University Press, Series: Politics of Marriage and Gender: Global Issues in Local Contexts.

    Medeiros, M.A. 2022. “Intersectionality and Normative Masculinity in Northeast Brazil.” Gendered Lives, Global Issues, edited by Nadine Fernandez and Katie Nelson. Albany, NY: SUNY Press.

    Medeiros, M.A., Patrick McCormick, Erika Schmitt, James Kale. 2021. “Barbie e Ken Cidadãos de Bem: Memes and Political Participation among College Students in Brazil.” Precarious Democracy: Ethnographies of Hope, Despair, and Resistance in Brazil after the Pink Tide, edited by Benjamin Junge, Alvaro Jarrin, Lucia Cantero, and Sean T. Mitchell. New Brunswick, NJ: Rutgers University Press.

    Medeiros, M.A., J. Guzmán. 2020. Im/migrant Farmworker Deportability Fears and Mental Health in the Trump Era: A Study of Polimigra and Contramigra in New York State.” Culture, Agriculture, Food & Environment 42(2): 1-11.

    Guzmán, J., M.A. Medeiros. 2020. “Damned if You Drive, Damned if You Don’t: Meso-level Policy and Im/migrant Farmworker Tactics under a Regime of Immobility.” Human Organization 79(2): 14-149.

    Guzmán, J.R., M.A. Medeiros, G. Falkner. 2020. “Teaching Im/migration Through an Ethnographic Portrait Project.” Teaching and Learning Anthropology Journal 3(1): 37-45.

    Medeiros, M.A., T. Henriksen. 2019. "Forms of Capital, Employment and Whiteness in Northeast Brazil's Ecotourism Industry." Latin American Research Review 54(2).

    Jennifer R. Guzmán, J.R., M.A. Medeiros. 2019. “An Unlikely Cause: The Struggle for Driver’s Licenses to Prevent Family Separation.” Practicing Anthropology 41(1): 3-7.

    Medeiros, M.A. 2018. Marriage, Divorce and Distress in Northeast Brazil: Black Women’s Perspectives on Love, Respect and Kinship. NJ: Rutgers University Press.

    Medeiros, M.A., J. Guzmán. 2016. "Ethnographic Service Learning: An Approach for Transformational Learning."Teaching Anthropology 6(1): 66-72.

    Nichter, M., M.A. Medeiros. 2015. "Critical Anthropology for Global Health: What Can It Contribute to Critical Health Psychology?" In Critical Health Psychology, edited by M. Murray. Pp. 291-307. London: Palgrave Macmillan Press.

    Medeiros, M.A. 2014. "The Other End of the Bargain: the Socioeconomics of Gender Relations and Marital Dissolution in Rural Northeast Brazil." Transforming Anthropology 22(1): 105-120.

    M. Hingle, M. Nichter, M.A. Medeiros, S. Grace. 2013. "Texting for Health: The Use of Participatory Methods to Develop Healthy Lifestyle Messages for Teens." Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior 45(1): 12-19.

Research Interests

Dr. Medeiros is an engaged, critical medical anthropologist and feminist anthropologist whose research explores health inequities facing women of African descent in the Americas and im/migrant communities in the United States

Dr. Medeiros’ book Marriage, Divorce and Distress in Northeast Brazil: Black Women's Perspectives on Love, Respect and Kinship explores intimate relationships in rural Northeast Brazil to examine how inequality at the intersection of race, gender and class affects relationships and health and well-being in structurally vulnerable communities of African descent. 

  • Health inequity at the intersection of race, gender and class
  • Gender and health
  • Anthropology of love, marriage, divorce and kinship
  • Immigrant and migrant health
  • Healthy equity and social justice
  • Global health
  • Mental health

Classes Taught Previously

  • ANTH 100: Introduction to Cultural Anthropology

  • ANTH 216: Race, Racism and the Black Experience in Bahia, Brazil (Study Abroad)

  • ANTH 216: Race, Racism and the Black Experience in Cuba (Study Abroad)

  • ANTH 216: Race, Racism and the Black Experience in the Americas

  • ANTH 226: Anthropology of Latin America and the Caribbean

  • ANTH 238: Ethnomedicine in Latin America and the Caribbean

  • ANTH 302: Medical Anthropology

  • ANTH 313: Global Health Issues

  • ANTH 343: Cross-Cultural Perspectives on Women’s Health

  • ANTH 382: Ethnographic Field Methods

  • ANTH 402: Sociomedical Sciences Capstone

  • ANTH 421: Contemporary Theory in Anthropology

  • BLKS 188: Race, Racism and Health