Student Affiliates

Student Affiliates help the center to advance the work and sustain the values described on our home page. They play a key role in helping faculty, staff, and other students expand their understanding of digital tools for learning, scholarship, and creative expression.

In 2020-21, CDL student affiliates helped lead Geneseo faculty, students, and other stakeholders in discussions about the role of digital learning at the institution. Going forward into our second year, the CDL plans on continuing this work as in-person capacity increases. Furthermore, the center will be offering hands-on support for faculty, staff, and students, which our Student Affiliates will be actively involved in. 

Current Student Affiliates

Sarah Fadlaoui

Sarah Fadlaoui is a senior history/ adolescent education major and German minor currently student teaching in a middle school U.S. history classroom. On campus she works at the CIT HelpDesk. After graduation,  she hopes to become a social studies and German teacher.  At the CDL she’s especially interested in learning how to use technology to make information more accessible to students and about educational technology she can use to help make her classroom equitable for all students.

Abby Henry

Abby Henry is a junior English major and Art History minor at SUNY Geneseo. On campus, she works with the Milne Library staff as a member of the Service Desk. She is also a Safe Zone Facilitator as part of Geneseo’s Safe Zone program. Upon the completion of her degree, she is interested in pursuing a career in the realm of library science and/or digital humanities. Going into her second year as a Student Affiliate for the Center of Digital Learning, Abby is eager to not only further expand her knowledge of digital tools, but to continue to learn how to make online resources more inclusive and accessible for all. 

Jacob Zaengle

Jacob Zaengle is a Philosophy Major and Museum Studies Minor. He serves as the student affiliate for the department of Philosophy on-campus and strives to be an active member of the communities he finds himself in. Before attending school, Jacob worked as a Front-End developer, where he grew to love and appreciate the value of the digital world and the importance of being an active member of it.  Through the CDL he hopes to help advocate for the importance of digital citizenship, and work to along others, and help solve problems that arise in creating a better digital world. 

Former CDL Student Affiliates 

Mariah Branch

Mariah Branch '21 is an English and Sociology double major. On campus, she's worked as a technician with SA Tech, given her interest in all aspects of technology. After college, she is interested in pursuing a career in public relations to make use of her writing and social media-related skills. As a Student Affiliate for the Center for Digital Learning, Mariah sought to make digital tools more accessible and less complicated for students and professors.

Jamie Henshaw

Jamie Henshaw is a Secondary Education and Creative Writing undergraduate at SUNY Geneseo. He is a student teacher for 12th and AP 12th ELA, currently teaching from Shakespeare’s Hamlet. Jamie believes that experience in “writing creatively” can inform writing and reading of all kinds. Moreover, his focus is in teaching students how to use text to become social and emotional proponents of inclusivity, diversity, equity, and anti-racism. Last semester he worked with the Dr. Fenn and the CDL to build and code a website that houses ethical non-fiction travel writing essays, The Vertical. He is looking forward to the continuation of these practices through the digital humanities, blending both creativity and logic.

Emma Raupp

Emma Raupp '21 is an English major and Philosophy minor. In Spring '20, she discovered her technical capability while working with Digital Thoreau. In addition to being a Student Affiliate for the Center for Digital Learning, she has been a tutor at the Writing Learning Center. When she’s not reading or writing, she’s imagining ways to bring more art and empathy to schools of the future. Upon graduation, she hopes to begin student teaching and use her free time to finally transcribe her thoughts into something meaningful.

Tashi Sherpa

Tashi Sherpa is a senior majoring in Economics. She currently works with the Teaching and Learning Center (TLC) at SUNY Geneseo. She is interested in understanding a wide variety of digital tools in a collaborative environment provided by CDL. During her time as a student affiliate, she is looking forward to utilizing the resources to implement creative and sustainable projects.