Center for Digital Learning

Education and knowledge-creation in the twenty-first century are unimaginable without digital tools for research and creative expression, classroom learning, and learning at a distance. At SUNY Geneseo, the Center for Digital Learning works to put these tools within reach of all faculty, staff, and students. We also work to ensure that these tools are used responsibly and effectively in ways that advance student success, promote equity, respect diversity, and foster inclusiveness.

As an incubator for innovative digital approaches to teaching and scholarship, and as a resource to faculty, staff, and students seeking to understand and benefit from the latest technology-driven developments in their fields, we support the college's mission to foster transformational learning, a rich co-curricular life, and a dynamic and inclusive scholarly environment.

We do our work in close coordination with the department of Computing and Information Technology, Milne Library, the Center for Integrative Learning, the Teaching and Learning Center, and the Office of Accessibility Services.

Our work is guided by these values:

  • Openness: The methods and fruits of digital learning should be widely shared.
  • Collaboration: Geneseo’s work in digital environments should draw on and promote the strength of our community.
  • Student-centered pedagogy: The design and execution of digitally-enabled instruction should reflect how students learn.
  • Inclusivity: The design and execution of digitally-enabled instruction should reflect the college’s commitment to diversity and equitable access.
  • Agency: Technology should serve, inform, and sometimes transform — but never dictate — how we teach and learn.
  • Transparency: Our community should be able to know what our tools for digital learning know about them, and how that knowledge is used.
  • Creativity: Digital tools should be a means to explore and experiment with new approaches to teaching, learning, knowledge-creation, and artistic expression.

Center for Digital Learning

Paul Schacht, Director
Laurie Fox, Assistant Director for Online Learning