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The Writing Learning Center

Want to write better?

WLC writing tutor services are free and available to all students. Whether you're new to college-level writing or an excellent writer, it's important to have a second pair of eyes on something you've written. 


The WLC is open! We will operate remotely during Fall2020. Please follow the scheduling directions below. If you have any questions, please email Dr. Paku:

    Remote Support

    The Writing Learning Center (WLC) will operate online during Fall2020. We will maintain our regular schedule; please follow the directions under "Schedule an appointment." 

      We will help you with all types of writing assignments, including:

      • essays
      • research papers
      • lab reports 
      • news articles 
      • personal statements
      • résumés
      • applications
      • cover letters
      • scholarship and grant proposals 
      • speeches
      • film and music reviews
      • business writing exams
      • public service announcements 

      person writing

      If you've ever asked a friend or roommate, "Does this sound okay to you?", visit us today!

      Fall 2020 Hours

      • During the Fall 2020 semester, the WLC will use Google Meet/Hangouts (or phone calls) and shared documents or screensharing. Remote writing tutoring works well!
      • Sunday: 1:00-7:00 p.m.
      • Monday & Tuesday: 10:30 a.m.-11:00 p.m.
      • Wednesday & Thursday: 1:00-11:00 p.m.
      • Friday and Saturday: closed.

      Schedule an appointment

      Click Here To Meet Our Tutors

      1. Select a tutor and appointment time using Navigate. The usual length of an appointment is 30 minutes: 

        1. Go to and sign in

        2. Click on “Get Assistance” in the upper right

        3. In the drop-down menus, select “Academic Support” and the relevant type of service: “Tutoring”

        4. In the next drop-down menu, select “Writing Learning Center"

        5. The system should show availabilities and you can select a day and time for an appointment with one of the WLC tutors. The usual length of an appointment is 30 minutes.

      2. Your tutor will then invite you to a Google Meet/Hangout via both an email that will come to your Geneseo email account and an event that will appear on your Google Calendar. All Geneseo students can access Google Meet/Hangout. When the time comes for your appointment, both you and your tutor will click on the Meet link in that email or in the Calendar event to open a videoconference. Note that Meets won't call you (unlike an incoming phone or Skype call you can answer) – you have to actively join the chat by clicking the link. Decide together whether you want the cameras or captioning on. 

      3. Share a copy of your writing via Google docs; the tutor needs to be able to see your writing and you both need to be able to point to and edit it. All Geneseo students can access Google docs. If you haven't used Google docs before, your tutor will help you. 

      4. Fill out the pre-session form to let your tutor know what you want to talk about

      Tutor schedules

      Click Here To Meet Our Tutors


      1:00-3:00 Alissa

      2:00-4:00 Jenny

      3:00-7:00 Macaire

      4:00-6:00 Sydney ELL



      1:00-3:00 Alissa

      2:00-4:00 Riley

      3:00-5:00 Sydney

      4:30-6:30 Kira

      6:00-8:00 Sophie

      7:00-9:00 Emma Raupp

      8:00-10:00 Katie

      9:00-11:00 Jenelle ELL


      1:00-3:00 Alexa

      2:00-4:00 Kira ELL

      4:00-6:00 Drew

      6:00-8:00 Jasmine ELL

      7:30-9:00 Emma Ranney

      8:00-10:00 Lara

      8:30-11:00 Georgia



      1:00-3:00 Lara

      3:00-5:00 Jenelle ELL

      5:00-7:00 Emma Raupp

      7:00-9:00 Katie

      8:00-10:00 Riley

      9:00-11:00 Drew


      1:00-3:30 Emma Ranney

      3:30-5:00 Georgia

      4:30-6:30 Jasmine ELL

      5:00-7:00 Jenny 

      7:00-9:00 Sophie

      9:00-11:00 Alexa



      The Writing Learning Center is closed on Fridays.


      The Writing Learning Center is closed on Saturdays.

      What to expect

      You will meet (videoconference) one-on-one with a trained tutor for 15 or 30 minutes, or for 60 minutes if you self-identify as an English language learner (ELL) or self-identify with a disability for which additional time would be beneficial. Tutors will not write your assignments. Instead, we will help you:

      • Brainstorm
      • Organize your thoughts
      • Write a thesis
      • Find and maintain your focus 
      • Develop and support your ideas
      • Clarify your argument
      • Tackle grammar and style problems
      • Address issues particular to non-native writers of English

      Getting the most out of your visit

      • Share your assignment sheet or prompt. 
      • Share a printout or a digital copy of your work. Notes and outlines are useful if you don't have a rough or full draft yet. Your tutor will want to comment on and annotate your work, so they need a copy of it.
      • Take notes while you're in the session: rely on a written record of your conversation with the tutor rather than on your memory.

      After your appointment, follow up by:

      • Booking another appointment: we're always happy to see you again for the same assignment.
      • Seeking out a tutor you work well with.
      • Giving us your feedback! Fill out this form


      • Our work space is quiet.
      • Our staff respects your confidentiality.
      • When you collaborate on your written work at the WLC, you are taking advantage of a service that almost everyone uses to their benefit in their academic career.

      Please contact Dr. Gillian Paku, Director, with any questions or comments, or if you are interested in applying to work as a tutor: