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Apply for a Student Ambassadorship Award

Applications for Student Ambassadorships open early in the spring semester. Students generally pursue work on the project during the summer and fall and complete work by the end of the fall semester. In the fall semester, students enroll in a one credit directed study with the Director of the CIL, and work to generate clear outcomes, self-reflective assessments of their work, and a GREAT Day presentation.

The CIL Community Cabinet selects Ambassadors based on an assessment of the proposed project's potential for innovative or creative work that is not available through other College programs, the clarity and feasibility of the proposal, and attention to building connections across the College and with wider communities. The number of ambassadorships varies year to year depending on funding. Past and present ambassadorships include:

  • The CAS Ambassadorship in Entrepreneurship
  • The Community Advocates Ambassadorship in Community Engagement (offered every year)
  • The Ambassadorship in Diversity
  • The John A. '87 and Mary Grace '84 Gleason Ambassadorship in Student Affairs (offered every year)
  • The Gerard Gouvernet Ambassadorship in French Language and Culture (offered every year)
  • The James Houston '80 Ambassadorship in Innovation (offered every year)
  • The Eddie Lee '76 Ambassadorship for First Generation Students
  • The Edward Pettinella '73 Ambassadorship in Business (offered every year)
  • The Frank Vafier '74 Ambassadorship in Leadership (offered every year)
  • The Keith '11 and Joanna '13 Walters Artist-in-Residence Ambassadorship (offered every year)

      Eligibility Criteria

      Any student may apply for a Student Ambassadorship. Ambassador application materials should demonstrate the ability to work independently on a self-directed project and an interest in pursuing projects that are innovative, make connections across different types of academic and co-curricular experiences, and engage with members of the College and wider community. Ambassadors should be prepared to engage in public presentations on their work including information sessions and a contribution to GREAT Day. Student Ambassadors must be enrolled at Geneseo or in a college-approved study abroad or study away program during the fall semester of their project.

      Application Materials:

      1. A completed Student Ambassador Application via Google Form, through which you will attach the following documents:
      2. A personal statement (3 pages/1,000 words max) describing the student's motivation and preparation for pursuing work on the project, how the project connects to the student's academic, co-curricular, or personal interests and experiences, and the expected learning outcomes from the project.
      3. A project proposal (3 pages/1,000 words max) that includes a description of your project and a budget (view a budget template [XLS]). Successful applications will outline the creative or innovative elements of the project (including the ways that the ambassadorship creates an opportunity to pursue a project that is not possible in existing College programs), feasibility (including discussion of the timeline, specific activities that will be pursued as part of the ambassadorship, and any mentors or community contacts that will be working on the project), and the public-facing component of the project (including discussion of how this project will potentially benefit members of the SUNY Geneseo community and external constituencies).
      4. A current resumé.
      5. The name of a Geneseo faculty member who has agreed to mentor your application. (This person may, and likely will, also be one of your recommendation writers - see below.)
      6. Two or three letters of recommendation. At least one letter must be from a Geneseo faculty member; all letters should comment on the student's ability to work independently and capacity for innovation and leadership. It is also recommended that at least one letter should discuss the feasibility of the project. Students should arrange for letters to be submitted separately to by 2/28/20, and must provide recommenders' names and contact information via the Google Form.


      The deadline for ALL applications is February 28, 2020.

      For questions or further information, feel free to stop by The Center for Integrative Learning in Doty 303 or contact the CIL at 585-245-5759 or