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Geneseo Points of Support (GPS)

 Stone carving of reader on Welles Hall SUNY Geneseo
The Geneseo Points of Support (GPS) program helps students address problems during college by providing you with guides who assist with navigating unfamiliar institutional processes. If you have any question about how to navigate college offices or if you want some help explaining what you need, don't hesitate to request a guide.

GPS Guides do not take the place of the Dean of Students.  If you are struggling with major problems that interrupt your academic study like family crises, financial issues, or sudden illness and trauma, keep in touch with the Dean of Students (Dr. Sancilio's office is in 354 College Union).  

But GPS Guides are volunteer staff members from across the college who can help you find a resource, plan a meeting, express yourself clearly in an email, or think through things that worry you.  GPS Guides can be "mini-mentors" or just a friend to talk things out with.   

Here are some reasons students seek out a GPS Guide to solve a short-term problem:

  • Learning how to manage your time in college
  • Organizing your courses into a plan so that you don't feel overwhelmed by your academic work
  • Understanding course requirements in online learning modules
  • Working through options to  pay for college; understanding tuition payment options
  • Finding the write way to communicate with a faculty member if you have multiple exams scheduled for the same day
  • Making a plan to re-connect to classes after being away for medical or family crises
  • Writing out requests about nutritional needs with Dining Services or creating an outlines to assist with discussions in other offices.
  • Organizing documents to apply for academic accommodations
  • Thinking about taking a leave of absence   

GPS Guides can help students to:

  • articulate what you need
  • develop problem-solving skills
  • talk to the right people in the right offices
  • stay committed to finding a solution

GPS guides don't have all the answers, but they will stick with you until you find a way to get the answer you need.  And if you just want someone to talk to, they are great listeners, too.