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Residence Halls and Living-Learning Communities

Going to Geneseo means diving into the full residential college experience and the many opportunities and life lessons that come with it. The Department of Residence Life intentionally designs the residential experience to fulfill its educational priority: to develop socially responsible citizens who build positive relationships as engaged learners.

On-campus housing options include corridor-, suite-, and townhouse-style residence halls. In addition, Geneseo offers unique Living-Learning Communities (LLCs) where students with similar interests live in the same building and have the opportunity to participate in special activities related to the LLC's focus.

Monroe Hall

Monroe Hall

Nassau Hall

Outside Nassau Hall

To help students find their niche socially and academically, each residence hall and floor on campus has a unique community designed to be fun and engaging while appealing to any student. These communities are highly active in exploring student interests beyond the typical classroom setting and we strive to connect academic life to personal life.

Housing Options by Living-Learning Community

Living-Learning Communities (LLCs) are unique housing opportunities where students with similar interests live in the same building. They each include an academic component and opportunities to connect academic learning to out-of-classroom experiences.

**NEW for Fall 2020Entre House: For students of all majors and all years (first-year students have priority) who are interested in entrepreneurship; Located in Livingston Hall.

Arts Community: For students with an appreciation for the visual, performing, and musical arts;  Located in Nassau Hall

Dante House: For students interested in global citizenship and service; located in Wayne Hall.

Eco House: For students drawn to ecological concerns and the 3 pillars of sustainability; in Monroe Hall

First Year Experience Halls: Located in Livingston, SteubenNiagara, Onondaga, Suffolk, and Nassau Halls

Food Culture House: Devoted to food, food cultures, and food security around the world; in Wyoming Hall

Global House: Cultural inclusion, languages, and anthropology are shared interests; Located in Wyoming Hall

Medical Interest Group: For students aspiring to careers in medicine; in Steuben Hall

Tesla House: First-year students planning to major in Physics, Geology or Education and students interested in integrative and experiential learning; in Monroe Hall

Transfer Student Experience Halls: Located in NassauLivingston, and Erie Halls.

Upper-Level Experience Halls: Located in Saratoga Terrace, ErieGenesee, OntarioWyoming, Livingston, and Allegany Halls.

Wellness Communities: Support the mental, physical, and emotional well-being of its residents; upper-level students are in Ontario Hall and first-years are in Onondaga and Suffolk Halls

Writers House: For students interested in all types of creative and academic writing; in Seneca Hall

Housing Options by Residence Hall

Nassau Suite

Nassau Suite

Saratoga Townhouse

Saratoga Terrace Suite

Additional Housing Options

All-Gender Housing

In corridor-style halls, men and women are assigned in clusters close to shared men’s or women’s bathrooms. This means that most halls house both men and women on each floor. In most suite buildings (in which students share a double bedroom and a common room), students choose a 4, 5, 6, or 8-person suite with a same-gender group. In any suite of Genesee Hall, Putnam Hall, and in the Saratoga Townhouses, groups may be mixed-gender, including (in double rooms) roommates selected by each other regardless of gender. Additionally, beginning in Fall 2019, the "A" Quads of Allegany, Erie, Ontario, and Wyoming Halls will also become All-Gender housing options. No student is assigned to a gender-inclusive suite or townhouse, however, without requesting this option or indicating on their housing application they are comfortable with being placed there.

Have questions regarding gender-inclusive housing? Please visit our frequently asked questions page.

Substance Free Housing

The B Side of Jones Hall and one floor in Livingston Hall are set aside for substance free housing. Students living in these communities agree to refrain from alcohol and drug use in the living space.

Other Housing Information

Residency Requirement

SUNY Geneseo has a two-year residency requirement.  All students must live on campus in College housing for two academic years unless they are commuting from the home of their legal guardian.

Accessibility & Other Accommodations

We work closely with the Office of Accessibility Services to provide qualified students with disabilities (temporary or permanent) equal and comprehensive access to college-wide programs, services, and campus facilities. We work together to proactively provide, at no cost to the student, reasonable accommodations to ensure that no qualified student with a disability is denied equal access to, participation in, or benefit of the programs and activities of the Department of Residence Life. If you have questions about accommodations, please contact Heather Packer ( Interim Coordinator of Accessibility Services, and she will work with our department.

Residence Hall Versus Dorm

How is a residence hall different from a dorm? The word “dorm” comes from the Latin word dormitus which means literally “to sleep.” As we all know, so much more happens in college than classes and sleeping; and much of that activity takes place in residence halls.