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Information for Transfer Students

Nationally recognized for excellence and value in the liberal arts, SUNY Geneseo is known for its exceptional faculty, its welcoming atmosphere, and its reputation for producing successful alumni. A short drive from Rochester and Buffalo, Geneseo offers a uniquely warm environment for learning and discovery. 

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Benefits Just for Transfer Students

Transfer students at Geneseo are welcomed with their own orientation and programs to help streamline the transition to Geneseo, including opportunities to make friends and get involved with groups and activities.

Geneseo also has campus housing just for transfer students who want to live with other transfer students. They are designated floors of residence halls with resident assistants specifically trained to help transfer students navigate the college.

How to Apply to Geneseo

Transfer students can apply to Geneseo using the SUNY Application. There is a $50 application processing fee. 

What You Need

In the application process, you will be asked to submit:

1. Your official transcript(s) from all colleges your previously attended or any institution you've earned credit from. If appropriate, you may need to submit a course listing from your current college. To request an official college transcript, you must contact your college's registrar and order one to be mailed to SUNY Geneseo. If electronic delivery is offered, please have it emailed to

2. A short essay explaining why you would like to transfer to Geneseo, what you hope to achieve, and what you will bring to our campus community.

3. All transfer students, per New York State mandate, must submit a high school transcript to the admissions office as part of the review process. However, this transcript will only be used as an evaluative tool in the review process if you have completed 24 or fewer college credit hours at the time of application; otherwise decisions are made solely on the basis of your college record.

Letters of recommendation can be emailed to or mailed (directly by the writer).

Our mailing address is:
SUNY Geneseo Admissions
Doty Hall
1 College Circle
Geneseo, NY  14454

Phi-Theta Kappa Honor Society

The outstanding effort you've made toward your associate's degree is about to pay off with your SUNY Geneseo bachelor's degree!

SUNY Geneseo is awarding all accepted Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society students with a $1,500 annual scholarship - and it's renewable for a second year.

If that wasn't good enough news, here's more: You don't even have to apply for the scholarship! But you do need to APPLY TO SUNY GENESEO, so apply today!


College Transfer Credit

Geneseo will accept up to 60 credits from two-year colleges and up to 90 credits from four-year schools. You may receive up to 30 credits for non-liberal arts courses for which Geneseo has no equivalent, such as technical subjects and courses in human services. No matter how many credits you have, you must take at least 30 credits at Geneseo and meet all of the requirements for the bachelor's degree.

For transfer credit information feel free to visit Knightweb and for major-specific information view the Geneseo Bulletin.

Quick Tip

You are considered a transfer student at Geneseo if you have completed a minimum of 12 college credit hours after high school graduation. If you have taken college courses before high school graduation — regardless of the number of credit hours — you are considered a freshman with advanced standing.

AP/IB Transfer Credit

Geneseo awards up to 30 credit hours for examinations such as the Advanced Placement (AP) and International Baccalaureate (IB). While each academic department determines the minimum test score required for academic credit in a particular subject, three hours of elective credit are guaranteed for general elective courses with scores of three or above for AP courses, and four and above for IB courses. Official transcripts or reports of your scores must be sent to the Geneseo Admissions Office to receive credit. At your request, Geneseo will send you an estimate of transfer credit; an official evaluation will be available when you register for classes. A complete listing of AP/IB course equivalents.

At any point in the process, an Admissions Counselor will be happy to discuss transfer credit with you, or feel free to contract the Office of Admissions directly at (866) 245-5211 or

Visiting the Campus

To assist you as you prepare for your visit to Geneseo, we are happy to provide some helpful information, including driving directions and information about lodging and dining options. You may also want to know a little more about our community as well as area attractions. We hope this helps you in your planning.

students smilingTransfer Student Interviews

We recognize that as a transfer student, you may have questions specific to your particular situation, including the application process, transfer of your credit, financial aid, or detailed academic information. If this is the case for you, feel free to schedule a personal interview with a transfer counselor anytime Mondays through Fridays throughout the year. Additionally, counselors will be available on select Saturdays this spring to meet with you if that is more convenient.

Please call admissions at (866) 245-5211 or schedule with admissions here.

Touring the Campus

Tours of the Geneseo campus are available every weekday throughout the year and on most Saturdays. To sign up for a tour, register online or call the Admissions Office at (866) 245-5211.

Campus tours last about 90 minutes, and are accompanied by an information session with an admissions counselor. Bring as many family members as you'd like.

Transfer Admission Criteria

As a transfer applicant, you will be considered for admission to Geneseo based on several criteria, which include:

  • Rigor of college coursework completed
  • Appropriateness of the courses in relation to intended major
  • Grade point average in courses related to your intended major
  • Cumulative grade point average

The most successful admission candidates present a cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or higher.

If you are applying to the Schools of Business or Education, admission tends to be more competitive, due to limited positions available. If you are admitted to a program in either school, you must complete a separate application that would be sent to you at the time of admission. Additionally, if you have completed fewer than 24 credits you will be considered for admission to the College as a “pre” business or education major for one semester. After you finish your first semester at Geneseo, you would then complete the application for your specific business or education major.

Finally, if you are applying for our Biology major, you will be considered a "pre" biology major until you have achieved a combined C+ average or better in your first two required Biology lecture courses at Geneseo.

Transferring into the Educational Opportunity Program (EOP)

If you are interested in transferring into our Educational Opportunity Program (EOP), you must have been enrolled in either an Educational Opportunity Program or its equivalent in your current (or previous) college studies.

The EOP Program is a state-funded initiative designed to provide an alternative means to gain access to college. Its goal is to assist you if your academic achievement was adversely affected by family financial hardship.

In addition to providing access to college, the EOP Program offers the following personal and academic support services:

  • Identification of financial resources to cover college costs
  • A personal advisor whose services are available throughout your undergraduate college career
  • A free, comprehensive tutoring program
  • A workshop series focused on skills needed to succeed in college.

In order to apply for this Program, simply answer “yes” to the Educational Opportunity Program question on the application.

Details about academic criteria for the EOP program.

Transferring into the Transitional Opportunity Program (TOP)

The Transitional Opportunity Program (TOP) is unique to Geneseo, and has been designed by the College in an effort to enhance the diversity of our Community.

If you fall marginally below our prevailing academic standards, but will add to campus diversity, you may be considered for admission through this Program. We consider the following populations:

  • Applicants who are 25 years or older
  • Recent immigrants who have lived in the United States less than 6 years
  • Applicants from racial/ethnic groups that are underrepresented on campus
  • Applicants that are first generation college students

There is no need to apply for the Program, as all applicants are considered as part of our review process. However, be certain to indicate on your application if you are a member of any of the four groups listed above for full and equal consideration.

  • In addition to providing access to College, the TOP Program offers the following personal and academic support services:
  • A personal advisor whose services are available throughout your undergraduate college career
  • A free, comprehensive tutoring program
  • A workshop series focused on skills needed to succeed in college.

Details about academic criteria for the TOP Program.