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Jacalyn Wittmer Malinowski (she/her)

Assistant Professor of Geological Sciences
ISC 250

Jacalyn Wittmer Malinowski has been a member of the Geneseo faculty since 2017.


  • GSCI 121: N/Our Geological EnvironmntLab

    An introduction to description and interpretation of rocks, geologic, and topographic maps. Students will learn identification techniques, data collection, and systematic analysis of data sets to better understand earth processes.

  • GSCI 200: Environmental Geology

    A survey of important geologic concepts relevant to current environmental issues. Emphasis is placed on geologic principles underlying problems related to water resources, pollution, natural hazards, waste disposal, energy and mineral resources, and on the scientific bases for current strategies proposed to limit adverse consequences of our impact on environmental systems. The geologic information bases available from governmental agencies are used to characterize and demonstrate practical problems for classroom exercises. Although not required, a general survey course in geology, physical geography, or high school earth science would provide an appropriate background.

  • GSCI 355: Basin Analysis

    An in-depth investigation of the dynamic processes that lead to basin formation, burial, deformation, and hydrocarbon production. Observational and quantitative forward datasets and techniques will be used to extract and constrain basin history. The mechanics and play of petroleum and coal exploration of basins will be an integral theme of the course. Field trips can include exploring local basins and active drill sites.

  • GSCI 391: Geological Sci Capstone Sem I

    A seminar that focuses on selected topics in the Geological Sciences. As part of this course, students will delve into the literature regarding a selected topic and present their findings in a professional talk and as an extended written abstract. Presentations by faculty and invited speakers as well as discussions will also play a part in this seminar.