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  • REMINDER: Students with Holds on their account are not eligible to receive a diploma until the hold is lifted. This includes Parking Fine Holds. The enforcement of parking and traffic regulations is the responsibility of the SUNY Geneseo University Police Department. Please visit their Parking and Transportation website for more information.



 On average, approximately 1200 students apply to graduate each academic year. The information on this page intends to answer the most common questions about timelines and the graduation processes. Read through each section and contact the Graduation Records Office (include G# in your correspondence) with specific questions not answered here.



Graduating students must notify the University that they intend to graduate through the Graduation Application process. There is no deadline to submit the Graduation Application. However, the application is only open at various times, closing for college administrative purposes before reopening again. Please see the Future Dates Calendar (below) for the next available open application period.



It is the student's responsibility to review your DegreeWorks for completion.  Compare it against the Graduation Checklist.  If there is a red bullet point on your DegreeWorks, you need to make an appointment with your academic advisor immediately to determine the issue and resolution.


READ all of the FAQs on this page (light blue boxes) before proceeding to Step 3. DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP.


Complete the Graduation Application. It only takes a moment to complete. Only submit one application using your primary major. If you recently or in the near future change your major, minor, or concentration please wait to submit your application until the changes are made on KnightWeb. Do NOT attempt to apply if the system is closed. It will cause your graduation term to be incorrect. See the future dates calendar below for the next open online application period.

Before submitting your application, did you update your home email address?

1. Begin at, select "Login using G#/PIN"

2. Enter your G# (G00XXXXXX) and six-digit PIN, and log in

3. Select "Personal Information."

4. Select "Update E-mail Address(es)"

5. Select "Home E-mail" and Submit

Type of Email



6. Enter your email address and Submit

Home Email


Before submitting your application, did you update your home mailing address?

Sign into your KnightWeb account. Click on "Personal Information Menu" --> "Update Off-Campus Address". Fill out all relevant information and click "Submit."

(STEP 4):

For Teacher Certification Candidates

How do I Request the College's Recommendation to NYSED?

Follow PART III: College Recommendation instructions.

The College Recommendation is submitted after your formal degree conferral.  Additionally, the Graduation Officer cannot submit the Recommendation unless your TEACH certification application information and processing fee are filed with the Graduation Records Office. Complete the online Google form to submit your request. Once you submit the online Google form, a confirmation page appears with the link to pay the $10 processing fee.

Your transcript will always be your proof of completing your degree requirements. If you require verification before your degree conferral, your most timely action is to request an official degree-bearing transcript without delay. You can request an official transcript through the Registrar's office. It is essential to indicate that you want to "hold for degree." Otherwise, your transcript will be missing the necessary information you need for verification. For more information about transcripts, visit the Registrar's FAQ webpage. Students with urgent transcript requests have degree conferment priority. Conferment will begin as soon as grading and all end-of-semester processes are complete. (End-of-semester processes can take upwards of two weeks.)


If NYSED certification completion is necessary before your degree is conferred, you can obtain completed certification evidence on TEACH to provide to your employer.

NOTE: When the recommendation for the initial certification is submitted, NYSED applies it to the Emergency COVID cert.

Early Commencement Participation

After completing all other requirements, students who complete a fall semester Student-Teacher Certification and wish to participate in an early May Commencement ceremony are eligible to complete a Commencement Participation Exception Request seeking approval to "walk" in commencement early. 

Students graduating in December can participate in the May Commencement ceremonies before or after their December graduation date, but not both.  Apply to graduate in December and answer 'Yes' to the question asking if you wish to participate in Commencement Ceremonies.


View the Teacher Certification Application Instructions webpage 

TEACH Online Services is available to you 24/7 to enter your application and check the status of your application.

TEACHHELP Technical support is available by telephone Monday-Friday 8:00 am -4:00 pm at (518)486-6041 or 24/7 via email. Unfortunately, these venues can only support technical assistance as you access TEACH Online Services.

NYSED has recently modified the TEACH application pages. Please notify the Graduation Records Office if you encounter issues with these instructions or any difficulty with your application.





Essential Terms to Understand
  • "To walk" during graduation means participating in the Geneseo Commencement Ceremony. The ceremony is a celebration of your success. It is not to be confused with the term "to graduate."
  • "To graduate" means you will have completed all requirements of your declared curriculum (major(s), minors, etc.) and earned a baccalaureate degree from the College at Geneseo.
  • Conferred means a final degree audit is conducted and your Transcript finalized.
  • Diploma- serves as proof of your undergraduate degree (i.e., Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Arts). (Major(s), Minor(s), Concentration(s) will not appear on your printed diploma.
  • Transcript- serves as proof of completing your major and degree requirements. (i.e., Communications, Biology, etc.) Your degree and major will appear on this document.
  • Requirement percentage-  In DegreeWorks, the Requirement percentage is calculated when credit requirements towards a major are earned. Meaning that DegreeWorks will not read 100% until final (earned) grades are submitted at the end of the semester. 
  • Credit percentage- In DegreeWorks, the Credit Percentage indicates credits applied toward the degree requirements, including those "in progress" (IP).



honorary degree recipients

How do I know if I'm ready to graduate?

Schedule an appointment with your academic advisor early in the semester to review the 10-Item Checklist.

  • Undergraduates must have at least 120 credits and meet all degree requirements, including "Upper Level" and "Outside the Major" conditions.
  • Accounting Masters students: New York State Education Department (NYSED) requirements of 33 semester hours in Accounting, 36 hours in general business, and 150 hours overall.
  • MS Literacy B-12 Program: 36 credit hours
  • If a category appears incorrect on DegreeWorks, ask your advisor if a course waiver is appropriate to demonstrate how you met the requirement.
Am I eligible to submit a Graduation Application?


The Graduation Application is:

  1. Available in the "Student Records" section of your KnightWeb account during open application periods. Students are notified of open application periods and available terms via campus email.
  2. Available to:
    • Undergraduate students with 90 or more institutional credits on their transcript (not on DegreeWorks). Credits will appear when earned. Meaning after final grades are submitted and the end of semester processes are complete.
    • Masters students with 24 or more institutional credits on their transcript (not on DegreeWorks). Credits will appear when earned. Meaning after the final grade, the submission processes are complete.
  3. Available to students who have NOT applied previously.

NOTE: Any formal changes made to your major, minor, concentration, or degree will not automatically update your previously submitted Graduation Application. Contact Graduation Office via email if changes are necessary.

Questions regarding the application can be directed to the Graduation Office in the Academic Advising office, Erwin 106.


When I apply for graduation, it says "no curriculum available for graduation application." What does that mean?

One of two issues are present:

1) The Graduation Application period is closed. (See the Future Dates Calendar for the next open online enrollment.)

IMPORTANT: Do NOT attempt to apply if the system is closed. It will cause your graduation term to change. See the future dates calendar for the next open online application period.

2) You are not eligible to apply. (Read, "Am I eligible to submit a Graduation Application?")

How do I participate in the next spring commencement if I graduate this fall?

To attend the event, regardless of individual conferral term, mark "Yes" on your application when asked if you want to "Attend Ceremony." Any other response will result in your exclusion from commencement emails and attendance at the event. It is still a good idea to mark yes, even if you are unsure where you will be in the spring. It is easier to email us that you will not be in attendance than to try to get on the commencement list if you previously marked no.

NOTE: There is only one commencement ceremony for each academic year. For more information, see Commencement FAQ, "Is there a commencement ceremony for every semester?"

How do I know if I successfully submitted a Graduation Application?

Please be aware that the Graduation Application is neither accepted nor denied. It is the mechanism that notifies the university of your intentions to graduate.

Review your graduation application at your leisure by logging into your KnightWeb account. First, go to "Student," then "Student Records," then click on "Review my completed graduation application."

If you do not see this option, you did not complete the application. Please try again.

What if I'm not eligible to apply for graduation when the application is open?

Due to college processes, the online graduation application must close at some point but will reopen to complete the application at another time. Please check the future dates calendar to find the next open application period.

For example, the Registrar's process for setting priority course registration is why the application must be closed and the strict deadlines for completing the application. 

Unless you are graduating at the end of the current semester, there is no deadline to submit the Graduation Application. 

NOTE: Exception to instigate an earlier course registration is not permissible.

I graduate this semester. What if I missed the last available open online graduation application to apply?


2. Before you read any further, did you check the calendar to determine if you missed the final date for this semester?

3. If you did indeed miss the final open online submission period for the current semester graduation, please email the following information to


Graduation Term:

Name (as you would like it to appear on your diploma, i.e., Sheldon Lee Cooper):



New, email address:

Address (to which diploma should be mailed):

Do you wish to participate in Commencement Ceremony?

Will I get notified when my degree is conferred?

You deserve the pat on the back, and I would enjoy praising each of you individually, but that would take critical time away from completing the graduation process.

No news is good news. So, if you do not hear from the Graduation Records Office (via your Geneseo email) about your conferral, please accept my best wishes for a rewarding and successful future!

Continue to log in to KnightWeb for student status updates.

How long does it take to be "officially graduated"?


  • Student degrees are processed at the end of the semester after all campus-wide end-of-semester processes have concluded. So, for example, if the semester ends in December, it will be January before degree conferral begins.

  • Degree conferral is a manual process, meaning each student's degree is hand-reviewed and does not occur automatically with the push of a button. The method of awarding  1200 individual degrees can take 4-6 weeks to complete. You can check your degree status on your Academic Transcript or your student profile on your KnightWeb account.  Once your degree is conferred, your transcript will clearly state Degree Awarded.

What if I'm not graduating when expected?

Whether you are graduating early or later than anticipated, you need to change your graduation date formally—email Graduation Records to request a change.

Note: All eligible students from the Fall thru the Summer of an academic year can participate in the spring commencement. Please see the Commencement section for details.

If I complete my final credit at another institution, what is my graduation date?

Degrees are conferred in the term in which they are earned, regardless of where the credits are completed. In other other words, if you complete the credits at another institution in Fall 2022, and SUNY Geneseo doesn't receive the transcript until Summer 2023, your graduation term is still Fall 2022.

What if I decide to not finish my degree right now?

We understand that life happens. It's ok. Your hard work at SUNY Geneseo will not be lost. Your credits will always exist because you have earned them. Contact Enrollment Management to talk about your options. Please don't just walk away. There may be a solution that better meets your needs.

General online application Closures: Fall semester-Second Sunday in December, Intersession-Second Sunday in January, Spring semester- First Sunday in March, Summer Session-Second Sunday in August 

ceremony assignments
What is the difference between Commencement and Graduation?

Commencement - The ceremony is held at the end of each Spring semester to recognize degree and certificate achievement for all students who apply for graduation. Attending the ceremony does not indicate the completion of your degree or certificate.

The bookstore will email (usually after spring break) specific instructions about ordering your graduation regalia.

Graduation - The official awarding of a degree or certificate to a student's records after all degree requirements and proficiencies are manually audited and verified completed. This is otherwise known as degree conferral. Students must apply for graduation to earn their degree or certificate.

Is there a commencement ceremony for every semester?

Regardless of the graduation term, there is only one commencement ceremony. It takes place at the end of the Spring term. All eligible students from Fall thru Summer of the current catalog year can participate. Attendance is encouraged but not mandatory. All students will receive their diplomas in the mail regardless of their attendance at commencement.

See the commencement webpage for additional information.

Who can "Walk" during commencement

All potential graduates are allowed to attend the commencement ceremony; provided you:

  • You have not previously had your name listed in a Geneseo Commencement Program
  • You have not participated in an earlier Geneseo Commencement ceremony for the degree you are earning.
  • Have submitted a Graduation Application.
RSVP/ Signing Up


Eligible students must submit their Graduation Application by April 1.  After April 1, students can participate in the ceremony but their names will not appear in the commencement program. Students must indicate on their application if they want to attend (or not attend) the Commencement ceremony so the College Bookstore and the Scheduling, Events, and Conference Services can make the necessary arrangements for the event.

To make changes to your RSVP, please email

How do I know my commencement assignment?

There are two undergraduate commencement ceremonies, a morning (10 a.m.) ceremony and an afternoon (2 p.m.) ceremony. 

Graduates are assigned a ceremony based on their academic major. Please view the ceremony assignment tab on the commencement webpage for more detailed information.

If you have extenuating circumstances that make attending your assigned ceremony a hardship, there is a Ceremony Assignment Appeal form. See the ceremony assignment tab for deadlines.

Receiving Honors

Cumulative GPAs are calculated to the second decimal place without rounding. There are no exceptions for students who are close but just under any of the GPA cutoffs or the 45-credit requirement.

Students who have earned the required GPA for Latin Honors and earned at least 45 credits at Geneseo by the end of the fall semester will receive an Honors Tassel at commencement. Again, there are no exceptions if a student is close. An Honors distinction is earned (completed), not earned (not completed).

Please view the Commencement Website for undergraduate students' graduation honors policies.

How many commencement tickets will I receive?

The number of tickets varies depending on how many seniors are attending. Please view the commencement ticket webpage for more information.



eligibility, diplomas & honors

Can I choose to have my chosen name on my diploma, instead of my given name?

Yes, students can choose to use their chosen name on their diplomas. Complete the Graduation Application with your chosen name. If you need to make changes to your name (or address, home email) then you need to email Graduation Records immediately. Once your diploma is requested from the vendor, we can not guarantee the updates will be made.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Some professional and licensing boards require the use of the legal name in the licensing process, so the use of a chosen name may delay or complicate a certification of the licensure process. In addition for various legal immigration, or employment purposes.

When will I receive my printed diploma?

An off-campus vendor prints and send your diploma. It is sent via mail (USPS) to the address listed on your Graduation Application. It may take upward of 90 days after your degree is conferred to receive your diploma.

Effective Fall 2021, graduated students will receive an email (home email) with a tracking number and a link to a validated e-diploma for official use.

If you need to make other arrangements to receive your diploma, such as an address change, you must request it by immediately notifying the Graduation Records Office.

NOTE: Students with Holds on their account are not eligible to receive a diploma until the hold is lifted. This includes Parking Fine Holds. The enforcement of parking and traffic regulations is the responsibility of the SUNY Geneseo University Police Department. Please visit their Parking and Transportation website for more information.
I finished my last class this summer. When will I receive my diploma?

Even though you may have completed your coursework at the beginning or middle of the summer session, degree conferral happens at the end of the summer term, when college processes are complete for the summer. For example, you may complete your final course during the first half of summer. Your degree will be audited and conferred at the end of August when the summer semester closes and all final grades are processed.

It will most likely be September before you receive your diploma. 

It's been months and I haven't received my diploma.
Chances are you may have a Hold on your account. The most common Holds preventing your diploma's delivery are: 
Graduation Hold (GH)- This hold is placed when a student's graduation date has passed, but there are outstanding requirements preventing graduation. You need to contact your academic advisor or Department Chair immediately to determine a solution.
Parking Fine (PF): You have an outstanding parking fine on your account. Payment can be made at the Parking & Transportation Office, Schrader Hall 19, or online at Please contact Parking & Transportation Services at 585-245-5978 for additional assistance or pay online through this link.  Students with outstanding parking fines when they finish their degree requirements will not be issued a diploma until the fines are paid.
If neither of these is an issue then contact Graduation Records via email to inquire.
Will my major and minor be printed on my diploma?

Effective December 2016, neither majors(s) nor minor(s) is printed on the diploma. Your diploma is proof of your degree, not your major. However, your official transcript will show your major/minor, degree, and honors. Therefore, your transcript is the most important proof of degree and major completion.

Printed on your diploma are your name, degree, Latin honors ( if applicable), and official graduation date.

How do I update my diploma mailing address or name?

Unfortunately, only the Graduation Records Office can update your mailing/email address or name once you submit your graduation application. If you are not sure where you will be living in 6 months, use your family's home address or a trusted friend. But try to make the address change now BEFORE you submit the graduation application.

If the address changes before you leave campus after commencement, Email Graduation Records with your:

1. G# (G00XXXXXX)

2. Clearly and concisely indicate the change that needs to be made.

IMPORTANT: Once your diploma is ordered, you can not make an address change. Hopefully, you left a forwarding address with the post office. Otherwise, you will need to order a duplicate diploma.

Where should I request a duplicate diploma if I need one?

After you receive your initial diploma, if you find the need for another you can request one by visiting the Registrar's diploma website. Alumni graduating before Spring 2022 should use the same website. Paper diploma request forms are no longer accepted.

If I need another diploma where can I get a replacement?

No problem! You can either login to your Parchment account to request another diploma or follow the instruction on the Registrar's Diploma webpage.


guest safety and accessibility

Why do I need to print my unofficial transcript? 

At some point, you will want to reference dates and coursework. As an alumni you will not have KnightWeb access. Make sure to save a copy of your unofficial transcript for your records prior to graduation.

Why is an official transcript important?

1. Your Transcript will ALWAYS be your proof of completing your degree and major requirements.

2. If you ever decide to continue your education, an official transcript will be needed to help determine admission eligibility and course completion at your next institution. You don't want to pay for the course you've already taken.

How can I get an official transcript?

Your Transcript will always be proof of completing your degree and major requirements. As previously explained, the diploma serves as proof of the degree. Therefore, your most timely course of action to obtaining degree proof is to request an official degree bearing transcript immediately. You can request an official transcript through the Registrar's office. It is essential to indicate that you want to "hold until you have been officially graduated." Otherwise, your Transcript will be missing critical information. For more information about transcripts, visit the Registrar's FAQ webpage






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