Latin American Studies Minor Requirements:
21 semester hours

Basic Requirements - 12 semester hours

  • Anth. 235 Ancient Civilization in the Americas (3 cr.)
  • Geog. 362 Latin America (3 cr.)
  • Hist. 270 Latin America to 1825 (3 cr.)
  • Hist. 271 Latin America since 1825 (3 cr.)


Electives - 9 semester hours
(three courses, including one from each of the following areas)

Arts and Literature:

  • ArthH. 281 Art of Latin America
  • ArthH. 300 Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo
  • Engl. 360 Post-Colonial Literature: The Literatures of the Caribbean
  • Span. 305 Survey of Spanish American Literature I
    Span. 306 Survey of Spanish American Literature II
  • Span. 353 Colonial Latin American Literature
    Span. 363 Nineteenth-Century Latin American Literature
    Span. 373 Twentieth-Century Latin American Literature

Directed Study, Slot and/or Interdepartmental course involving arts and literature of Latin America, with the approval of the Coordinator.

Social Sciences:

  • Anth. 224 Ethnography of Gender in Latin America
    Anth. 226 Native Voices: Mesoamerica and the Andes
  • Anth. 235 Early Civilization of the Americas
    Anth. 335 Maya Hieroglyphics
  • Hist. 372 History of Modern Mexico
    Hist. 380 Topics in Third World History: Latin America
  • PlSc. 325 Politics of Mexico, Central America and Caribbean 
  • Span. 314 Contemporary Spanish-American Civilization
    Span. 326 Spanish-American Civilization

Directed Study and/or Interdepartmental course about Latin America in Anth., Geog., Hist., PlSc. or Span., with the approval of the Coordinator.

No more than three courses from one department can be considered as fulfillment of the Latin American Studies program's basic and elective requirements.

Related Requirements:

  • Students completing the minor will be required to demonstrate competency in Spanish language through the intermediate 202-level.
  • Students should consult with the Coordinator in selecting courses for the minor.