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Change in the Humanities General Education Requirement

The Geneseo College Senate has recommended and President Battles has approved a change in the Humanities general education requirement. The change involves a modification to the Western Humanities curriculum, thereby reducing the general education requirement from both HUMN 220 and 221 to either HUMN 220, 221, or 222.

The modification will go into effect Fall 2017 and impact any student who joined the Geneseo community in Fall 2014 or later.

Students whose Catalog Year is 2014-15 or later must successfully complete one of two four-credit courses: HUMN 220 or HUMN 221 or HUMN 222 to fulfill the general education curriculum.  

Students whose Catalog Year is 2013-14 or earlier come under the old policy, and will be required to successfully complete both HUMN 200 and 221.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I find out what my Catalog Year is?

Check your catalog year in Degree Works. Your catalog year — the year you started at Geneseo — can be found here:

Would I be able to register for HUMN 221 without completing HUMN 220?

Yes. As part of the policy change, the prerequisite restriction has been removed.

When will the new policy get coded into the General Education section of my Degree Works audit?

Degree Works is currently frozen for end-of-semester processing, but when it reopens on May 18, you will be able to see the new policy coded into the General Education section of your Degree Works audit if your catalog year is 2014-15 or later.

May I take either HUMN 220, 221, or 222 if I have already taken one of the other two courses?

Yes, you are welcome—and highly encouraged—to take another HUMN course as an elective. It will always count as an elective course outside of your major.  

Questions? Contact your advisor or the Office of the Dean of Academic Planning and Advising in Erwin 106 or at 585-245-5541.