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Registering for Credit: Internship Guide

Register Your Internship for Credit

Online Internship Forms

Congratulations on securing an internship! To receive credit for your internship, you must complete the online Internship Application Form, which can be accessed at  Internship Registration or by logging into My Geneseo.

Important Terms to Understand

Faculty Director

Faculty Director: Oversees the academic portion of your internship and grading.

Field or Immediate Supervisor

Field or Immediate Supervisor: This is your direct supervisor at the internship site. Completes an evaluation of your work and verifies hours worked. Field Supervisors do not assign the internship grade. Some Faculty Directors do weigh the feedback from your Field Supervisor into the final grade.


Departmental Internship Coordinator

Departmental Internship Coordinator: Used by some departments as a central point of contact for students.

Registration Term and Start / End Dates

Registration Term and Start / End Dates: Registration for internship credits correspond to regular deadlines set by the Registrar.


Internship Form or Learning Agreement

Internship Form or Learning Agreement: Online agreement in the Internship Registration System that is completed to receive internship credit.

Ratio of Credits to Hours

The ratio of Credits to Hours Worked: 40 hours of work per credit hour minimum.

Types of Internships & Credit Options

At SUNY Geneseo, students have the option of receiving departmental credit or elective credit through INTD 395. Departmental internships are generally open to juniors and seniors meeting certain GPA requirements. Students ineligible for departmental credit such as sophomores or students interning in areas unrelated to their major may receive credit through INTD 395. Below, the three credit options are summarized.

Departmental / Academic

Departmental / Academic (XXXX 395): Departmental internships managed by the academic department carry a letter grade and are variable credit. These credits may or may not count towards the academic major or minor. Students are advised to start with their academic advisor to discuss specific internship requirements and determine if credits earned will satisfy any Major requirements.

Departmental (XXXX 395)
1-15 credits (repeatable, but no more than 15 total credits)
Open to all students (> 2.75 GPA or with department chair approval)
Internship relates to academic major
The internship must be career-related
Credit is a letter grade
Credits may count towards major (limits are set by individual departments)
Requires academic work and reflective work
40 hours of work per credit hour
Students may receive no more than 15 internship credits towards 120 credit graduation requirement
Supervised by a professional at the internship site
Overseen by academic departments
May be paid or unpaid
Availability varies by department
Credit granted to internships related to students' academic major
Interdisciplinary (INTD 395)

INTD 395: Open to all students, INTD 395 is a variable credit internship course overseen by the Dean of Academic Advising & Planning and Career Development. Graded as Satisfactory / Unsatisfactory (SU), INTD 395 does not satisfy Major or Minor requirements. The credits apply to the 120 credits needed to graduate.

INTD 395
1-15 credits (repeatable, but no more than 15 total credits)
Open to all students (> 2.75 GPA or with approval from the Dean of Academic Planning and Advising)
The internship may or may not relate to major
The internship must be career-related
Credit is pass/fail
Credits count towards graduation requirement of 120 credits
Requires reflective work (journals, portfolio)
40 hours of work per credit hour
Students may receive no more than 15 internship credits towards 120 credit graduation requirement
Supervised by a professional at the internship site
Overseen by the Office of the Provost and the Department of Career Development
May be paid or unpaid
Available year-round (all semesters)
Grants credit to inter-departmental internships like Walt Disney World College Program or internships unrelated to academic major of the student

Step-by-Step Internship Guide

STEP 1 Understand the expectations-Consult with your faculty advisor

Before meeting or interviewing with any field supervisors, be sure to understand the expectations of your academic department. Consult with your faculty director, adviser, or department chair FIRST about your interest in completing an internship. Individual departments may have their own guidelines and standards for approving a student for an internship.

STEP 2: Consult with your field supervisor

Consultation with your with your field supervisor to understand their expectations and be informative of the internship process.  You may find it easier to complete the online internship form with your internship field supervisor present. Required fields include a minimum of three learning objectives, work schedules, internship job description, GPA, internship or field supervisor contact and e-mail address, and departmental information.

STEP 3: Complete the online internship agreement form

Log into the Internship Registration System. If you have completed an internship agreement before, the agreement will appear on the screen. This is where you will look for internship processing updates.

Otherwise, click on the “Online Internship Agreement"  in small print on the left side menu. Click on the option tab “Other” at the top of the page.

Upon your submission of the form, the Department of Career Development staff will initiate the electronic signature process which varies from department to department.

STEP 4: The Internship Approval Process

Each participant in the internship process (field supervisor, faculty internship director, etc.)  reviews, accepts or rejects the internship agreement. Accepted forms automatically are sent via email to the next participant in the approval workflow process. Career Development reviews rejected forms to determine the nature of the rejection. Then routes the document to be corrected and resubmitted if necessary.

STEP 5 Tracking the Agreement Progress

Once everyone in the process has electronically signed the form, the Registrar will formally register the course to your MyCourses account. You may monitor the progress of your internship form in your KnightJobs account by clicking My Account/Activity and then selecting the internship tab at the far right. Your internship form appears showing where the form is in the approval process. You will receive an e-mail when the process is complete and your course is registered.


Things to Keep in Mind

GPA Minimum

Students must have a minimum 2.75 GPA to register for internship credit unless they receive a GPA waiver from their department chair or Dean Easton(for INTD 395). It is recommended you first discuss your GPA with the chair or the Dean of Academic Planning & Advising before submitting the form. The chair or Dean can use the online form to grant you a GPA waiver. There is no GPA requirement for INTD 095 (Zero-credit Option).

Registration Deadlines

Check with your departmental internship coordinator regarding registration deadlines for the fall and spring semesters. Some departments set their early deadlines. During the summer, with advisement, you may register for any of the existing Summer Sessions. All registration deadlines apply. See the listing for Full Summer Session for registration and Drop/Add dates.



Dropping or withdrawing from internship credits is the same as any other course. If you decide to drop or withdraw, you must notify your internship supervisor, faculty director, and Rob DiCarlo in the Department of Career Development (Erwin 116).


Tuition costs

Tuition costs for any departmental 395 course or INTD 395 are the same as a traditional course. Students interning in the Fall or Spring typically register for internship credits as an overload with no additional tuition charges. During the Summer and Winter Sessions, any registered credits including internship credits, carry tuition costs and applicable fees. Tuition is required for all Summer and Winter internships, including unpaid internships. It is against SUNY and College policy to receive internship credits retroactively. You may not request Fall or Spring internship credit for internships completed during Summer or Winter. The Zero-credit Option carries no tuition or fees.

Credits per Hour

Be sure that the internship schedule you create meets the criteria listed below.

Credits Hours of Work
1 credit 40 minimum hours of work
2 credits 80 minimum hours of work
3 credits 120 minimum hours of work
4 credits 160 minimum hours of work
5 credits 200 minimum hours of work
9 credits 360 minimum hours of work
12 credits 480 minimum hours of work
15 credits 600 minimum hours of work
Maximum Credit

A maximum of 15 internship credits applies to graduation requirements of 120 credit hours. Academic departments set a limit of 0-6 internship credits that can be applied to academic majors. Full time (12-15) credit internships are permitted to select seniors and juniors. Underclassmen are encouraged to do multiple internships that may accumulate to 15 credits.

Academic requirements

Department internships are assigned a letter grade based on the academic requirements outlined in your internship form. INTD  internships are graded S/U. Be sure to understand the academic requirements established by your faculty director.


The Department of Career Development has weekly drop-in hours for internship advisement, help with résumés and other services. See the Career Development website for the current schedule. You may also schedule individual appointments with Rob DiCarlo, Associate Director for Internship Opportunities by calling 585-245-5721. Questions may also be directed to your department chair or departmental internship director.