Registration Information

Summer and Fall Registration (for current students)

Registration for Summer and Fall 2024 will be open between March 28 and May 28, 2024; the process begins with advance registration, and registration will open to all students on April 17. Waitlist for the fall semester will be open from April 17th through May 26th. Registration for the fall semester will close for all current students on May 28th; it will reopen from August 12th and will remain open through September 1st (the last day to add/drop without a "W" grade). All of these dates are listed on the academic calendar, which you can add to your Google calendar (instructions at the top of the academic calendar site).

All students do not register at once; there are multiple windows for advance registration prior to April 17th that are determined based on class year. Students may register during the window given to them. Registration windows (also known as "time tickets") will be available for students to view on the Registration page once they are posted on March 20th. Please check there to find out your registration date and time.

For more information on registering for classes, please see the How to Register page. For more information on the waitlist process, please see the Waitlist FAQs page.

Please note: Since the final examination schedule is determined by regular class meeting times, students should, to the extent possible, avoid enrolling in class sections (including late afternoon and evening classes) that meet at times which would cause them to have three or four examinations on the same day.

Fall 2024 Registration (for incoming students)

New first-year and transfer students register for classes at SUNY Geneseo with the help of the Office of Academic Planning and Advising. Please visit the New Student Registration page for more information.