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Chemistry Stockroom

Chemistry Stockroom

The Chemistry Stockroom fulfills the academic needs of the chemistry teaching labs at SUNY Geneseo. Beyond that, we're here to answer your questions and help you settle into the routines of the chem lab experience at the college. The Chemistry Stockroom is staffed full-time by both Dan Jacques and Nick LaGamba.

  • Experience


    Stockroom staff work hard to help you maximize your success in Chemistry lab by preparing what you need to make your lab successful.

  • Support Lab Setup

    Lab Supply and Support

    The Chemistry Stockroom will make sure you have the tools you need to make your lab a great experience.

  • Dan Jacques Chemistry Stockroom Team

    The Chemistry Stockroom Team

    You'll meet a great team of students and professionals who strive to make your Chemistry lab experience the best it can be. The first time. On time. Every time.

  • Daniel Jacques Teaching Chemistry Safety

    A Culture of Safety

    Attention to safety is the foundation and the priority of the Chemistry Stockroom. We will support you and your faculty to help you thrive, whether you are enrolled in a Chemistry lab or employed as a Stockroom Lab Technician.

  • Marketable Skills

    Engaging Science

    Stockroom Student Lab Technicians practice valuable marketable technical skills and engage practical laboratory management development. Accuracy, precision, communication, and meeting deadlines prepare our staff for further graduate studies and their professional careers.



Proper Wearing of Masks and Recommendations for Vaccinated and Unvaccinated Individuals 

Image of person wearing mask, image courtesy of the CDCSUNY Geneseo has updated guidelines for preventing the spread of COVID-19 on campus. SUNY policy currently requires all students, faculty, and staff wear a mask in any public indoor spaces on campus.

The CDC also has updated information for fully vaccinated people given new evidence on the B.1.617.2 (Delta) variant currently circulating in the United States. The CDC recommends unvaccinated and fully vaccinated individuals wear a mask in public indoor spaces in areas of substantial or high transmission.  More information about CDC recommendations and guidelines for fully vaccinated individuals may be found on their website. Masks with exhalation valves which allow virus to escape and/or wearing a face shield alone are not acceptable at the college. 

The CDC still recommends wearing two masks for better protection against contracting the COVID virus, and may be especially useful for individuals who have certain types of facial hair, such as beards. Using a disposable medical procedure mask under a cloth mask to reduce cumulative exposure of the wearer by over 95% as determined in a recent study.  The CDC notes it is important not to double two disposable medical procedure masks due to the poor fit of such masks, which do not lend any additional benefit on their own.  More information about how to improve how a mask protects you and how to choose and wear a mask properly can be found at the CDC website.  

Laboratory Safety

Laboratory safety at SUNY Geneseo is our priority.  Recognized at the college for robust chemical hygiene and chemistry laboratory safety practices, stockroom staff work closely with department faculty to ensure and support laboratory safety practices, safety education, and build systemic and lasting safety culture.  

titrations   Keeping up with the glassware

Work or Volunteer With Us!

Come work with us!
Experience memories that will last a lifetime
Practice and refine your technical skills
Gain confidence!
Have fun and find your place at Geneseo
Meet and work with students from diverse majors from across the college


The stockroom provides a four-year progressive employable skills program developing and engaging laboratory technical, coordination, leadership, and management skills.  For interested students, you can also engage a hybrid employment/internship program!  Students who identity with any campus major find success with us, from English to Chemistry.  We prepare you to not just succeed in STEM, but with any career that utilizes communication and mentoring, program management, regulatory practices, time management, and integrative safety culture. 

Students overwhelmingly report that their experience in the Chemistry Stockroom developed their confidence and metacognition of interconnected programs and systems, preparing them for graduate education and/or industry in ways that they didn't experience elsewhere on campus.  

The atrium of the Integrated Science Center
The drawing of the Brachiosaur in the Greene Stairwell
Students doing work in the in the Organic Laboratory
The General Chemistry Laboratory
Stockroom Employees hard at work


    Stockroom Hours

    Monday-Friday: Open during active Chemistry labs
    Saturday-Sunday: Closed

    Chemistry Lab COVID-Specific Guidelines to Prevent Transmission Video Series

    Jacques Lab Safety VideosA simple primer of videos listing what you you really need to know when in a chemistry academic lab to prevent ready transmission of COVID-19.

    COVID-Specific Laboratory Safety Considerations in Chemistry Academic Labs at Geneseo

    There are many resources available to help keep you, other students, faculty, staff, and visitors safer in chemistry academic lab spaces.  The following resources may be of some assistance to you, and of course, please do consult with your faculty instructor if you have any concerns or questions.

    COVID-Specific Chemistry Lab Guidelines COVID-Specific Chemistry Lab Guidelines (condensed)

    Quick Links

    Check-In Paperwork and Safety DocumentsVisit Us Courses Served Course SDS Links Mixed Chemical Waste

    Contact Us

    Chemistry Stockroom
    Location: Room 329, Integrated Science Center (ISC)

    Chem Stockroom and Safety Manager: Dan Jacques
    Phone: (585) 245-5318

    Chemistry Chair: Dr. Jeffrey Peterson
    Phone: (585) 245-5314 

    Students prepping solutions


    Photo of the chemistry stockroom