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Minor in Communication

The Communication minor is open to any student in the College who has a cumulative GPA of at least 2.70.

This minor is intended for students who desire to supplement their current major with an emphasis on one of the ways communication influences our daily lives. The minor requires a small set of core courses that introduce two dominant areas of academic study: interpersonal and mass communication. After this, students can choose four other courses to emphasize the development of skills integral to the profession they plan to pursue.

A minimum of 18 semester hours will be required, distributed among two categories below. At least six hours of coursework must be at the 300-level.

Total Required Hours: 18 semester hours

Basic Requirements (six credit hours):
COMN 103: Introduction to Interpersonal Communication
COMN 160: Introduction to Mass Communication

Electives (twelve credit hours):
Four courses from anywhere in the department must be completed. Of these four courses, two (6 credit hours) must be completed at the 300 level.

Dr. Atsushi Tajima, Coordinator
Blake B 119

If you are interested in declaring a minor in communication, please complete a change of major form and submit the form to the DAPA office. The Department of Communication Administrative Assistant will follow-up to finalize the declaration.