The Academic Program in Communication

Grounded in both the humanistic tradition and contemporary social science, communication courses strive to combine theoretical knowledge with development. Advanced coursework provides opportunities to study human communication across numerous contemporary contexts.

Program Learning Outcomes

Students will:

  1. Describe theories, principles, practices, findings, and historical trends of the communication discipline.
  2. Apply the acquired knowledge of the discipline to real-world applications and practical contexts of human communication.
  3. Demonstrate mastery of writing for unique audiences, purposes, channels, and contexts, using standards for the course of study.
  4. Demonstrate mastery of creation and delivery of oral messages, using established standards of effective communication across targeted contexts.
  5. Research and analyze findings for the course of study, using critical thinking skills.
  6. Apply ethical standards in communication situations.
  7. Demonstrate communication competence across various contexts and diverse communities.

For specific requirements, please see the bulletin.