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Academic Works

What is Academic Works?

SUNY Geneseo has contracted with Academic Works, a third-party scholarship management system, to enhance and streamline the scholarship search and application process for all currently enrolled SUNY Geneseo students. Students who complete the General Application through the Geneseo Scholarship System will be automatically considered for several scholarships across campus based on qualifications such as academic merit, financial need, and service to the Geneseo community. 

Below are some FAQs regarding the application process.

What are opportunities?

The Geneseo Scholarship System uses the term “opportunities” when referring to scholarships.

How do students receive scholarship consideration?

Currently enrolled students can complete the General Application in the Geneseo Scholarship System, as well as any supplemental applications for scholarship consideration. Students will need to complete the application each academic year and will be notified via their email account when the new application is open.

By completing the General Application, students will automatically be considered for several scholarships awarded by Financial Aid.  In addition, many scholarships require a current Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to be filed each year.

How do students log into the SUNY Geneseo Scholarship System?

Please visit and sign in with your Geneseo ID

What is the deadline to submit a scholarship application?

The General Application will be open on or around February 1st. All applications must be submitted by March 1st.

What are Supplemental Applications?

Supplemental applications appear to students who must answer additional questions to receive consideration for some scholarships.

How do students receive confirmation of their application submission?

Currently enrolled SUNY Geneseo students who submit an application will see a “submitted” status on their My Applications tab within the scholarship system. Students who have an incomplete General Application will be directed there upon login until complete.

How do scholarship recipients receive notification of award offers?

If selected, students will be notified by email to their account

When are scholarship recipients notified that they have been selected to receive an award?

Most scholarships are awarded by June 1st for the next academic year.

How do scholarship recipients respond to their award offer?

Students who have been awarded a scholarship must accept their scholarship online through the SUNY Geneseo Scholarship System. Students should follow the instructions as prompted to review the scholarship offer and click “Accept” under the appropriate scholarship

Are thank you notes required in order to receive a scholarship?

Most scholarships REQUIRE that a thank you note be submitted before funds are disbursed to a student. The scholarship offer will include information about any requirements. If required to complete a thank you, you will need to use the Geneseo template provided and follow the Thank You Letter Writing Guide.

Is there a due date by which scholarship recipients must respond to their scholarship award offer?

Students should accept their scholarship within two weeks of receiving the award offer.

What happens to scholarships that are declined?

Scholarships are re-awarded to other students if declined.

How do scholarship recipients receive their scholarship funds?

Scholarships are awarded as part of a student’s financial aid package and applied as credits on the student’s Geneseo account for the semester of the award.

What is required if a scholarship is a renewable award?

Many renewable scholarships require that the student maintain a minimum cumulative grade point average (GPA), be enrolled as a full-time student and/or be enrolled in a specific major. Some may require a student to also maintain financial need and require the filing of a FAFSA.

Will a scholarship affect my financial aid awards?

The Office of Financial Aid  may adjust your financial aid package if you receive additional scholarship awards. According to federal regulations, a student’s total financial aid may not exceed the estimated cost of attendance or need. Please visit the Office of Financial Aid  if you have a question about a pending scholarship offer and its impact on your financial aid.

How does participation in a study abroad program affect my scholarship award(s)?

Scholarship funds may be applied to study abroad program fees as long as a student is currently enrolled and participating in a Geneseo approved program through the Study Abroad Office.

Can international students receive scholarships?

Currently enrolled SUNY Geneseo International students can receive scholarships and complete the General Application in the SUNY Geneseo Scholarship System.

For what scholarships am I being considered?

Geneseo is fortunate to have hundreds of scholarships available to help students achieve their academic goals.  By completing the General Application, applicants will automatically be considered for several scholarships based on general application answers and the student record.

Who reviews scholarships and how are recipients selected?

Each scholarship has its own eligibility and selection criteria.  Applicants who meet the eligibility criteria are considered by a scholarship review committee.

Why is the site down for maintenance and what does that mean for my application?

Each year, the Academic Works site must archive and refresh applications for the upcoming school year.  While we are working on that process, we cannot accept any new applications or changes to existing applications.  If you submitted your application during the last school year, you will need to resubmit your application in order to be considered for this upcoming school year. If you have any questions, please email