Kodjo Adabra

Associate Professor of Francophone Studies
Welles 209A

Kodjo Adabra has been a member of the Geneseo faculty since 2010. His primary research deals with sub-Saharan Francophone African literature from Post-colonial Africa, with a focus on diasporic literature, literary transnationalism, migration, identity and exile. He extensively worked on the journalistic work in PNPA (Peuples Noirs Peuples Africains) by Franco-Cameroonian author Alexandre Biyidi-Awala, alias Mongo Beti. He also developed secondary research interests in African cinema, nego-feminism and sociolinguistics. 

In addition to his awards and recognitions at SUNY Geneseo, he received the SUNY System-wide Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Teaching in 2020, and the Chancellor's Award for Internationalization (CAFI) in 2011.


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Office Hours: Fall 2022

Mondays: 11:15am-12:30pm

Wednesdays: 11:15am-12:30pm

Curriculum Vitae


  • - Ph.D., Francophone Literatures, University of Tennessee
    - M.A., French Studies, North Carolina State University
    - M.S., Management, Université de Lomé, Togo
    - B.S., Management, Université de Lomé, Togo


  • Member of :
    - ALA (African Literature Association)
    - CIEF (Conseil International d'Etudes Francophones)
    - AATF (American Association of Teachers of French)
    - NeMLA (Northeast Modern Language Association)

  • Proceedings Reviewer at NCUR (National Conference on Undergraduate Research)


  • Adabra, Kodjo. Human Folly, 2023. (Book, 180 pp.) (Forthcoming)

  • Adabra, Kodjo. The Power of An Untamed Mindset: A Story of Resilience, Ohio: Gatekeeper Press, 2023. (Book, 160 pp.) (Forthcoming)

  • Adabra, Kodjo. Rev. of Voyage au bout de l'enfance, by Rachid Benzine. The French Review 96.2 (2022): 214-15.

  • Adabra, Kodjo. "Pouvoir et paradoxe féminins à l'écran d'Ousmane Sembene: Moolaade et Faat Kiné" Africana. Figures de femmes et formes de pouvoir, edited by Valerie Cossy and Christine Le Quellec Cottier, Editions Classiques Garnier, 2022, pp. 361-371.

  • Adabra, Kodjo. "La Francophonie sous le regard critique du 'Franco-Africain': Mongo Béti mis en exergue" Revue de l'Université de Moncton 49.2 (2020) : 37-69.

  • Adabra, Kodjo. "(Dé)construction du 'réel-fiction' et formation de la 'zone grise' chez Maryse Condé et Kangni Alem." 9na Edición de la Conferencia Científica Internacional de la Universidad de Holguín. Editorial ConCiencia Ediciones. ISBN: 978-959-7237-34-1 (2019).

  • Adabra, Kodjo. “La littérature togolaise dans le collimateur de la critique universitaire aux États-Unis.” Littérature Togolaise : Discours et figures d’autorité, edited by Anatole Koffi Molley, Editions Continents, 2018, pp. 263-284.

  • Adabra, Kodjo. Rev. of Kraft: fictions et épisodes, by Mahmoud Mahmoud N’Dongo. The French Review 89.4 (2016) : 272-73.

  • Adabra, Kodjo. " ‘Little Senegal’ ou le voyage solitaire vers l’imaginaire identitaire" French Literature Series XLI (2016) : 184-197.

  • Adabra, Kodjo. Rev. of La légende de l'assassin, by Kangni Alem. The French Review 89.3 (2016) : 251-52.

  • Adabra, Kodjo. "Portée et analyse comparative de la pensée journalistique de Mongo Béti." Dalhousie French Studies 105 (2015) : 63-76.

  • Adabra, Kodjo. La bêtise humaine, Lome: Editions Awoudy, 2015.

  • Adabra, Kodjo. "Peuples Noirs, Peuples Africains à la croisée idéologique avec Fanon et Achebe" Nouvelles Études Francophones 29.1 (2014): 129-46.

  • Adabra, Kodjo. L'œuvre journalistique de Mongo Beti: Contours et regard critique. Saarbrücken: Presses Académiques Francophones, 2013. Print. (228 pp.)

  • Adabra, Kodjo. "De l’engagement littéraire au complexe linguistique: Mongo Béti et Ngugi Wa Thiong’o en phase de transition. " L’Érudit Franco-Espagnol 1 (2012): 100-11.

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Other Interests

  • Creative writing
  • Study abroad in Senegal
  • French for Business
  • Poetry
  • Martial Arts (Shotokan Karate)


  • FREN 213: IntermedFrenchGrammCult&Comm

    An exploration of cultural and contemporary topics at the intermediate level via a variety of materials (such as print, film, internet, and/or music) and peer-oriented activities that enable students to continue developing the four language skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing. This course must be taken in residence.

  • FREN 416: Advanced Grammar & Syntax

    Study of complex structures and related grammatical concepts.

  • FREN 423: Sel Top Ling: Sociolinguistics

    This course is an introduction to regional and social variation of French in the francophone world with a focus on culturally influenced pronunciation patterns, vocabulary items, and sentence structures. The course provides an overview of fundamental assumptions about French language change through time and place.