2021–22 Strategic Plan

Our five-year strategic plan ends in 2021, an unprecedented time for the world in the midst of the worst pandemic in over a century. We are also preparing our self-study report for institutional accreditation, a time for reflection and analysis. Planning for an extended period does not feel possible when so much is uncertain. The College has elected to set its priorities for the next year only based on the focus areas from the previous strategic plan and the emerging priorities of the pandemic. The next five-year plan will be informed by the analysis of the accreditation process.

Focus Areas

Student Success and Well-Being

Expand each goal for action items.

Complete implementation of “A Geneseo Education for a Connected World” by May 2022.
  • Complete and adopt recommendations for a new general education governance structure by May 2022.
  • Design and adopt learning outcomes/rubrics for new general education areas by May 2022.
  • Identify/tag courses for new general education areas by May 2022.
  • Code DegreeWorks to reflect new general education program for all students as of Fall 2022.
Develop three or four new academic programs (such as microcredential, certificate, graduate, or undergraduate).
  • Support and follow up on work of Think Tank on new curriculum and efforts of faculty who received course-load reallocations to develop new programs.
Refine Internationalization and Study Abroad Strategic Plans by May 2022.
  • Restart study abroad programs as possible within system, state, and federal guidelines, risk management best practices, and staff capacity; continue to assess operations as needed in light of the pandemic.
  • Finalize a strategic plan for campus internationalization that facilitates cross-divisional collaboration and increased visibility of efforts (including the curriculum, co-curriculum, student mobility, and international student recruitment).
Implement pilot of 20 online courses and develop a draft plan for digital learning at Geneseo by May 2022.
  • Assess pilot of online classes.
  • Develop and implement a plan for piloting online classes in Spring 2022.
  • Work with the CDL to develop a draft plan for digital learning at Geneseo by May 2022.
Increase transfer students to comprise 15% of incoming class.
  • Work with the campus-wide Transfer Working Group to develop internal processes that support new incoming transfer students through SUNY seamless transfer policy.
Maintain retention rate of 86% for first-year, first-time students.
  • Expand EAB Navigate progress reports to include all first-year students and develop intervention pathways and priorities to ensure first-year students are set up for academic success.
  • Convene a first-year experience working group with representatives from Student Life, Residence Life, DAPA, and the Provost’s Office to coordinate cross-divisional efforts in onboarding new students (key issues include: transitioning to fall orientation model, assisting the new Coordinator of First-Year Programs with onboarding, connecting first-year academic programming to co-curricular programs).
  • Develop a sustainable model for scheduling and compensating instructors in the first-year seminar for undecided students (EXPL 101) and transfers (EXPL 201).
  • Convene a follow-up to the Spring 2019 First-Year Seminar Summit with invitations to faculty responsible for first-year introduction to major courses embedded in academic programs (focus: share assessment data, discuss best practices, coordinate efforts).

Financial Sustainability

Expand each goal for action items.

Adapt the current budget.
  • Adapt the current budget and related processes for the mid-pandemic state in conjunction with the campus community.
  • Prepare for post-pandemic financial sustainability by supporting revenue generation and expense reductions where they make sense.
Revisit fundraising priorities to ensure continued alignment with the college’s strategic plan.
  • Continue our progress toward the public phase of a comprehensive fundraising campaign.
  • Review 2021–22 Strategic Plan Goals to align fundraising with the action items and desired outcomes accordingly.
Secure $5,000,000 in new gifts and pledges.
  • Execute fundraising strategic plan, including solicitation of major gifts and annual gifts in support of the Foundation.
Continue implementation of Program Analysis and Alignment recommendations from the cabinet.
  • Cabinet members to continue to lead program recommendations/adjustments/re-organizations/new revenue generation concepts and other changes with input from the campus community; results to be communicated to the campus community at least once per semester.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Racial Justice

Expand each goal for action items.

Continue to develop a suite of professional development experiences through the TLC that focus on anti-racism, inclusive pedagogies, and student well-being.
  • Organize seven events by May 2022 with themes of anti-racism, inclusive pedagogy, or student well-being.
Develop and implement a recruitment and yield model that attracts and enrolls 2–3% more BIPOC, low-income, first-generation students through the admissions and financial aid process.
  • Establish marketing communications strategic plan to attract BIPOC, low-income, and first-generation students as prospects, retain them as admits, and enroll them as students.
Increase transparency in data by regularly sharing disaggregated data where possible.
  • Develop a data dashboard with at least five distinct data points to assist chairs and deans in making data-informed and equity-minded decisions related to curriculum, scheduling, hiring, and retention. Roll out the data points to chairs/deans with professional development. Complete the process by May 2022.
  • Administer a campus-wide climate study by May 2022 and begin utilizing data to inform strategic planning related to issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion. Share disaggregated data where possible with other campus stakeholders to involve them in creating informed positive change.
Revise the guidelines for faculty evaluation at Geneseo with an equity lens by Summer 2022.
  • Form a Faculty Evaluation Learning Community and develop a charge for the Learning Community by end of September 2021.
  • Carry out Faculty Evaluation Learning Community charge and submit report of findings and recommendations to provost by May 2022.
  • Implement new SOFIs based on the SOFI Learning Community and Faculty Affairs Committee resolution for the Fall 2022 SOFI administration.
Work to advance the planning for new multicultural center by May 2022.
  • Find funding for a temporary multicultural space based on earlier planning efforts. Seek to launch temporary site during the Fall 2021 semester.
  • Work with campus master planning initiative to determine long-term needs of multicultural programs and build them into master plan; further explore funding opportunities.

Planning for the Future

Expand each goal for action items.

Complete the Middle States Self-Study and evaluation visit.
  • Share the close-to-final draft of the Middle States Self-Study with the campus community by October 2021 and seek feedback and suggestions.
  • Make final edits to report by end of January 2022; once final approval is granted, upload the report to the Middle States portal with the supporting evidence.
  • Host evaluation team in April 2022.
Develop five-year strategic plan, integrating recommendations from Middle States Self-Study report, BPC, and Revenue Generation where appropriate.
  • Seek input from college community on ideas for the five-year strategic plan by November.
  • Develop priority categories that will be the basis of the strategic plan by February 2022
  • Share draft of five-year strategic plan with college community and seek input by late April 2022.
  • Launch final, approved strategic plan by May 2022.
Launch Facilities Master Planning with SUCF.
  • Define scope of the master planning activities, complete vendor bid, and create timeline for master planning for comprehensive master plan. The timeline may continue beyond FY22 depending on timing of vendor selection and resource availability.
  • Attain established (yet to be developed) major milestones by June 2022.