Neurobehavioral Toxicology Lab

Research Supervisor:

Vincent Markowski

2013-2014 Undergraduate Research Assistants:

Sudhat Ashok (Psychology Major, Senior)

Randy Cheung (Biology Major, Senior)

Morgan Davies (Psychology Major, Senior)

Peter Dorf (Psychology Major, Junior)

Caitlyn Edwards (Psychology Major, Junior)

Anna Eschler (Psychology Major, Junior)

Jacob Gohardi (Psychology Major, Senior)

Jonathan Lau (Psychology Major, Senior)

Anatole Malukoff (Psychology Major, Senior)

Patrick Miller-Rhodes (Psychology Major, Senior)

Keith Morris-Schaffer (Psychology Major, Senior)

John Ng (Psychology Major, Junior)

Zachary Olson (Psychology Major, Senior)

Briana Pangrazio (Psychology Major, Junior)

Isaac Teboul (Psychology Major, Senior)

Joseph Teresi (Biology Major, Senior)

Vincent Van Vliet (Psychology Major, Junior)

Karl Wisseman (Psychology Major, Senior)

  • Student conducting research
  • Girl conducting an experiment
  • Student working with a machine
  • Girl using machine for research
  • Student using a machine for an experiment
  • Microscope slide
  • Student working on the computer
  • Microscope
  • Girl using computer for research
  • Shelf of research samples
  • Machine used for research
  • Male student using machine for research
  • Two students looking at documents
  • Two female students working on research
  • Two students smiling for a picture
  • Student looking through microscope
  • Male student conducting research with microscope
  • Student conducting research in a lab
  • Male student on a computer
  • Microscope lens