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Photo Name Teaching/Research Area Department/Academic Program
Dr. Adabra's profile picture Kodjo Adabra Francophone Literatures and Civilizations Languages and Literatures, French, Black / Africana Studies
Catherine Adams Catherine Adams Early Colonial U.S. History, Black / Africana Studies, American Studies, Women and Gender Studies
Portrait of Jim Aimers James Aimers archaeology, pottery/ ceramics, Gender/sexuality, material culture, Maya/Mesoamerica, Climate Change Anthropology, Native American Studies, Latin American Studies
Ahmad-Almomani Ahmad Almomani Applied Optimization, Derivative-Free Optimization, Numerical Analysis, Partial Differential Equations, Special Functions. Mathematics
Portrait of Jennifer Apple Jennifer Apple Ecology and evolution of plant-insect interactions, Molecular ecology Biology
Photo of Jovana Babović Jovana Babović Modern Europe History
Travis Bailey photo Travis Bailey Regeneration Biology, Genetic Defects of Eye Development Biology
Susan Bandoni Muench photo Susan Bandoni Muench Systematics of Parasitic, Systematics of Phylogenetic Reconstruction , Host-Parasite Coevolution & Biogeography Biology, Black / Africana Studies, Sociomedical Sciences
Portrait of Allison Bechard Allison Bechard Animal models, Addiction and Relapse, Experience-dependent development, Repetitive behavior, Transgenerational effects Psychology, Neuroscience
Justin Behrend Justin Behrend Civil War Era, African American history , slavery, emancipation, Reconstruction, Southern history, Historical Memory History, Black / Africana Studies, American Studies
Image of Sonya Bilocerkowycz Sonya Bilocerkowycz Creative Writing English