Supporting the College

CAS exists to support the college by providing services to the campus community, but we also contribute to the college financially.


Each year, CAS provides:

» $850,000 in program funding for the college

» $193,691 in rent

» $46,000 in student and department catering grants

» $20,000 digital textbook research grant

» Up to $10,000 in student employee scholarships

» Annual donations to the School of Business Golf Tournament, the Geneseo Blue Knights Classic Golf Tournament, the Senior Challenge, and other departmental and college related organizations.


CAS also provides:

» $500,000 commitment to Shaping Lives of Purpose: Campaign for Geneseo


CAS also encourages our partners to give back to the Geneseo community. 

Each year:

» Follett Higher Education Group (operator of the Geneseo University Bookstore) provides up to $5,000 in textbook grants to students, $6,000 in undergraduate summer fellowships, and donates textbooks to the Milne Textbook on Reserve program.

» USFoods provides a $500 scholarship for a SUNY Geneseo student and also donates food and supplies for two annual events for the college's giving campaign.