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For every lab, a student is assigned a drawer. Every drawer is stocked with the supplies on the list given to the student on the first day of lab. Once you officially check in, that equipment becomes your responsibility. If you break any equipment, including glassware, you will need to fill out a Breakage Record. This record will address how much the broken equipment costs and that cost will then be charged to the student's account. If you have any questions about charges, check out our Frequently Asked Questions.

Common Lab Drawer contents for Chem lab courses

Chem 119 

Glassware and other materials found in the lab drawers for Chem 119

Chem 216

Glassware and other materials found in the lab drawers for Chem 216 and 313
Chem 119 Equipment Chem 216/313  equiptment


Equipment Checklists for Chem lab courses

To see what is assigned to a student drawer, click a class below.

CHEM 105

CHEM 119

CHEM 209

CHEM 216

CHEM 301

CHEM 313

CHEM 331

CHEM 342

CHEM 361

Equipment and Glassware, sorted by group

More than likely, you are now curious how much each piece of equipment costs if it's lost or broken. Fortunately, below you will find an answer to that question. Don't know the exact name of the item? No problem, pictures are included.

Note: Glassware is not available for general purchase. Price listing is just for authorized chem lab drawer and/or lab course replacement.

We'll start with the general groups of items, or rather similar items that simply vary in size.


250 mL beaker

Erlenmeyer Flasks

A 25 ml Erlenmeyer Flask

Misc. Glassware

Centrifuge tube

Filter Flasks

A 25 ml Filter Flask

Boiling Flasks

25 ml boiling flask


Wide Stem Funnel


Test tube Clamp



Can't find the item you needed in the list above? Don't sweat, those were just the big ones. The Equipment Checklist link below will direct you to the the checklists for each lab.

The Chem 119 glassware and equipment list features additional miscellaneous equipment and glassware found in a general chemistry lab drawer. This list is also useful for the Chem 209 course. Organic and advanced labs utilize much of the glassware and equipment found in the Chem 119 list (as well as the grouped items above). However, the Chem 216 and Chem 313 drawers have much more equipment stored in them, so if you looked in the Chem 119 link or searched the sorted lists above and still couldn't find what you needed, you will almost certainly find it in the Chem 216 link. There are some exceptions.

As stated previously, there are Equipment Checklist sheets given to the students upon check in to Chem Labs. These sheets have a list of exactly what should be in your drawer. If you are missing equipment, you should go to the stockroom and ask for what is needed. If after checking in, you are missing equipment, it is your responsibility to procure that equipment. No free equipment will be given out after check-in. That said, each lab has a different checklist, and so not all labs have the same equipment. To get a gist of what this means, the overall cost of a Chem 119 and Chem 209 drawer is $111, while the overall cost of a Chem 216 and Chem 313 drawer is about $880. This is why the stockroom encourages students to take care of their equipment and manage it properly.