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Chemistry Stockroom

Chemistry Stockroom

COVID-Specific Laboratory Safety Considerations in Chemistry Academic Labs at GeneseoJacques Lab Safety Videos

There are many resources available to help keep you, other students, faculty, staff, and visitors safer in chemistry academic lab spaces.  The following resources may be of some assistance to you, and of course, please do consult with your faculty instructor if you have any concerns or questions.

Chemistry Lab COVID-Specific Guidelines to Prevent Transmission Video Series
  • A simple primer of videos listing what you you really need to know when in a chemistry academic lab to prevent ready transmission of COVID-19.
Chemistry Lab COVID-Specific Guidelines to Prevent Transmission Document and SOP
  • A suite of Geneseo- and CDC-specific information related to health and well-being, safety, and laboratory practices, with links to resources. 
Condensed COVID-Specific Guidelines to Prevent Transmission in Chemistry Labs
  • A single page primer detailing what you need to know in Chemistry Lab to prevent transmission of the virus to others and what to do if you aren't feeling well

From the World Health Association (WHO)

Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) advice for the public: When and how to use masks.  For further clarification and informational graphics, the direct link to the WHO page is

How to Wear a Fabric (Cloth) Mask


How to Wear a Medical Mask


Photo of the chemistry stockroom

Chemistry Stockroom

The Chemistry Stockroom is here to fulfill the academic needs of the chemistry teaching labs. Beyond that, we're here to answer your questions and help you settle into the routines of the chem lab experience.

The stockroom is staffed full-time by Dan Jacques and Nick LaGamba. Several student employees work part-time, and some students volunteer.   


The atrium of the Integrated Science Center
The drawing of the Brachiosaur in the Greene Stairwell
Students doing work in the in the Organic Laboratory
The General Chemistry Laboratory
Stockroom Employees hard at work


Check-In Paperwork and Safety Documents

    Stockroom Hours

    Monday-Friday: Open during active Chemistry labs
    Saturday-Sunday: Closed

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    Contact Us

    Chemistry Stockroom
    Location: Room 329, Integrated Science Center (ISC)

    Stockroom Manager: Dan Jacques
    Phone: (585) 245-5318

    Chemistry Chair: Dr. Wendy Pogozelski
    Phone: (585) 245-5314

    Students prepping solutions