Chemistry Stockroom


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Chemistry Stockroom

The Chemistry Stockroom is here to fulfill the academic needs of the chemistry teaching labs. Beyond that, we're here to answer your questions and help you settle into the routines of the chem lab experience.

The stockroom is staffed full-time by Dan Jacques and part-time by Nick LaGamba. Several student employees work part-time, and some students volunteer. 

Check-In Paperwork & Safety Documents

It is STRONGLY suggested you take the time to review the recommended reading. This will enhance your experience and help you prepare for your chemistry lab course(s).

Required Document(s) to Print out, Read and Sign, to Return to Instructor:

Additional Documents to Review for Labs (you will be responsible for this information):

Recommended Reading:

Supplemental Forms to fill out and return as necessary:

Stockroom Hours

Monday-Friday: Open during active Chemistry labs
Saturday-Sunday: Closed

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Chemistry Stockroom
Room 329
Integrated Science Center (ISC)
Phone: (585) 245-5318

Dr.Kazushige Yokoyama  (Chemistry Chair):      (585)-245-5320

Students prepping solutions