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Chemistry Stockroom

Chemistry Stockroom

Due to the campus moving to distance learning as a result of COVID-19, there will be no improper checkout fees associated with checking out of lab drawers in academic labs because students will not be checking out of drawers this term.  Any breakage records already completed in the stockroom window during the term will not be billed, there will be no associated breakage fees for the spring semester per the chair of Chemistry.

Personal items found in lab drawers will be documented and held for pickup once staff and students return to campus. 

While the chemistry stockroom is currently closed due to the stay at home order in the State of New York in light of the situation with COVID-19, we are still available to answer questions and be of assistance. You may email Dan Jacques at or you can chat with him live anytime 9am-4pm M-F on the Stockroom's Discord, or just PM StockroomDan (you need a Discord account).

From the World Health Association (WHO)

Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) advice for the public: When and how to use masks.  For further clarification and informational graphics, the direct link to the WHO page is

How to Wear a Fabric (Cloth) Mask


How to Wear a Medical Mask


Photo of the chemistry stockroom

Chemistry Stockroom

The Chemistry Stockroom is here to fulfill the academic needs of the chemistry teaching labs. Beyond that, we're here to answer your questions and help you settle into the routines of the chem lab experience.

The stockroom is staffed full-time by Dan Jacques and Nick LaGamba. Several student employees work part-time, and some students volunteer.   If you're interested in volunteering, stop by the stockroom to learn more information!


The atrium of the Integrated Science Center
The drawing of the Brachiosaur in the Greene Stairwell
Students doing work in the in the Organic Laboratory
The General Chemistry Laboratory
Stockroom Employees hard at work


Check-In Paperwork and Safety Documents

    Stockroom Hours

    Monday-Friday: Open during active Chemistry labs
    Saturday-Sunday: Closed

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    Chemistry Stockroom
    Location: Room 329, Integrated Science Center (ISC)

    Stockroom Manager: Dan Jacques
    Phone: (585) 245-5318

    Chemistry Chair: Dr. Kazushige Yokoyama
    Phone: (585) 245-5320

    Students prepping solutions