Savitri V. Iyer PhD

Undergraduate Research:

Summer 2009:

Edward C. Hansen: Bending of Light in Kerr Geometry
Supported by the Dr. Jerry Reber Student/Faculty Research Award
(One paper published in Physical Review D arXiv:0907.5352v1 [gr-qc] and another under review  arXiv:0908.0085v1 [gr-qc])

Spring 2008:

Aric Hackebill: Thermodynamics and Black Holes
(poster presentation on GREAT DAY 2008)

Spring 2007:

Garrett Jones and Donovan Schickley: Vortex Dynamics in 2D
(oral presentation on GREAT Day 2007)

Spring 2004:

Alex Waldauer: The Eikonal Equation
(poster presentation at the USS, April 16, 2004)

Fall 2003:

Alex Waldauer: Gravitational Lensing

Spring 2003:

Dan Riley and Chris Peters: Vortex Dynamics
(poster presentation at the USMS, April 2003)
Alex Waldauer: Gravitational Lensing
(oral presentation at the USMS, April 2003)

Fall 2002:

Dan Riley and Chris Peters: Vortex Dynamics

Spring 1999:

Tom Wakeman: Symmetry and Conservation Laws.

Spring 1998:

Greg Benson: General Relativity and the GPS.
Richard Schugart: Knot Theory and Physics.
(poster presentation on "Knot Theory")

Fall 1997:

Greg Benson: Computational Special Relativity
Richard Schugart: Introduction to Quantization of Gravity.

Summer 1997:

Joshua Klyber and Neil Di Spigna: Computer Simulation of caustics in Two Dimensional Surfaces
(Neil Di Spigna, poster presentation)

Spring 1997:

Joshua Klyber: Numerical General Relativity.

Fall 1996:

Emmanuel Ambroise: Mathematical Techniques in Science and Engineering.
Joshua Klyber: Introduction to the Theories of Relativity.

Spring 1995:

James Giumarra: Introduction to Tensors.

Fall 1994:

Robert Fuentes: senior lab project: Introduction to General Relativity.