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SUNY Geneseo Physics & Astronomy Colloquium

Spring 2021 Colloquium Series

Note: No colloquium on Thursday, April 22 due to Rejuvenation Day!

Our next colloquium will be:

Thursday, April 29, 2021 -- 4:00 pm

"Microcalorimeters: A Bright, Bold Future"

Microcalorimeters are cryogenic detectors with very high energy resolution. They have been used in applications ranging from nuclear safeguards to metrology to cancer research. In this talk, we discuss the gamma, x-ray, and decay energy microcalorimeter instruments at Los Alamos National Laboratory, how they work, and the exciting science that has been made accessible with these high energy resolution detectors. In particular, we will focus on the nuclear safeguards applications and how traditional measurement challenges can be solved by using a microcalorimeter instrument.

by Katrina Koehler, Houghton College

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