Scheduling Performance Spaces and Associated Spaces Policy

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The purpose of the procedures and policies detailed below is to provide a predictable and fair process for accomplishing the goals for which the college’s performance spaces are intended and for ensuring the safe and proper use of these facilities. Intended goals include fostering student learning and development, fostering faculty and staff professional activities, and enriching the college and surrounding communities through the arts.  The starting point for these procedures and policies is a recognition that all spaces at SUNY Geneseo, including performance spaces, are the property of the college.

Policy Statement

Policies governing the use of college facilities, including performance spaces, are necessary to ensure that the buildings and furnishings are maintained at the optimum level of usability, safety, cleanliness, and efficiency for the entire college community's full enjoyment of the facilities provided.



The following policies are established for these purposes.

  1. College performance and rehearsal spaces are part of the State University of New York College at Geneseo, and the year-round use of these spaces is subject to the policies of SUNY Geneseo and those established by OSECS. These spaces include Alice Austin Theatre, Wadsworth Auditorium, Sinclair Theatre, Sturges Auditorium, Brodie and Schrader dance floors, the Doty Recital Hall, and associated spaces such as dressing rooms, the scene shop, and the costume shop.
  2. Requests by outside organizations for use of these facilities that have not been pre-arranged by the procedure outlined above must be made to the OSECS (Erwin 23). Requests will be approved or denied by the Director of OSECS according to the priorities listed in the table below and in consultation with the relevant department head. If the request for use of these venues is approved, OSECS will work with the requesting party to set up any services needed.
  3. OSECS will direct venue-users other than the departments of Music, Theatre, and Dance to the appropriate web form for requesting technical support.
  4. All users will have appropriate technical staff on duty during rehearsals and performances.  
  5. Damages to the equipment or property by the users of the spaces may result in the user’s group being billed back for any damages and costs of replacement of equipment, furnishings, etc. and may result in limitations on future use.
  6. Furnishings and equipment are not to be removed from the building.
  7. Property and equipment brought into the venues by an organization or group shall be removed immediately following the performance unless prior arrangements have been made to do so at a later time. No property and equipment shall remain in the venues past 12:00 p.m. the day following the last performance.
  8. Sidewalks, lobby, and aisles shall not be obstructed.
  9. Children accompanied by an adult may attend events in the performance space as long as their behavior does not interfere with the programs.
  10. Users of these spaces are required to follow all college policies regarding alcohol and drug use.
  11. Smoking is prohibited in all areas of the building.
  12. Refreshments and food are not permitted inside performance spaces or on stage. Receptions in the outer lobby may be permitted when approved by OSECS.
  13. No person shall affix anything to the walls, floor, orchestra shell, or ceiling by any means without permission. (See #5 above.)
  14. Painting of scenery or equipment as well as nailing objects to any surface or attaching anything to curtains or painted surfaces of the venues without permission of the director of technical services for the venue in question is prohibited. (See #5 above.)
  15. With the exception of service dogs, no pets or animals of any kind will be allowed at any time in any auditorium or recital hall. Special permission may be granted for productions that involve animals.
  16. Fire extinguishers placed in designated cabinets in the venues are not to be removed except to use for their intended purpose.
  17. Bicycles and motorcycles are not permitted in the building. Special permission may be granted for productions that involve vehicles.
  18. Any explosive materials or firearms of any nature are strictly prohibited on the premises. This policy does not apply to law enforcement or security officers. Special permission may be granted for productions that involve pyrotechnics or firearms.
  19. Users of performance spaces may be asked to agree to follow safety rules specific to a particular space and to provide proof of royalties paid. These rules will be appended to this policy.

Oversight and Responsibility for Enforcement of Policies:

  1. It is expected that all departments involved in the oversight of this policy will share the governance of all items listed above, but it should be noted that the department that will take the lead effort on the enforcement of the items listed above will be:
    • 1-3: Office of Scheduling and Events
    • 4-9: Departments of Music, Theater & Dance
    • 10-12: Office of Scheduling and Events
    • 13-18: Departments of Music, Theater & Dance
    • 19: Office of Scheduling and Events, Departments of Music, Theater & Dance


  • Each March, a scheduling meeting will be held that includes:
    • Department heads from Music, Theatre and Dance
    • The Director of Student Life
    • The Assistant Provost for Finance and Facilities
    • The Associate Provost for Student Success
    • The Director of Scheduling, Events, and Conference Services
    • A Student Representative from MTC and Orchesis
  • Using the table below, these individuals will coordinate performance schedules for the upcoming academic year, including summer.
  • These schedules will be shared with the Director of the Office of Scheduling, Events, and Conference Services (OSECS).
  • Dates for the various performances and rehearsals will be entered into the Events Management System (EMS).
  • Any changes to the agreed-upon performance schedules will be negotiated with the Director of OSECS.
Table of Priorities


Wadsworth Auditorium Doty Recital Austin Theatre Sinclair Theatre Brodie Dance Sturges Auditorium Schrader Dance
1 The College
2 Music Music Theatre Theatre Theatre/Dance Music Student Groups
3 Theatre Theatre Music Music Music Student Groups Theatre/Dance
4 Limelight/Accents Student Groups Limelight/Accents Student Groups Limelight/Accents    
5 Student Groups   Student Groups   Student Groups    


Reservations of these spaces made through the EMS system can be bumped by scheduled classes


In January of the academic year in process and prior to the scheduling meeting in March for the upcoming year, the respective areas (Music, Theater, Student Life, Scheduling & Events) will assess the system in place and if necessary use the information collected from the involved departments and organizations to refine and improve the process from year to year. The Department and Scheduling & Events will lead this effort.

Frequency of Review and Update

Every 3 Years

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Andrea Klein

Andrea Klein
Director of Campus Events & Scheduling

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