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Policy Library

The State University of New York College at Geneseo adheres to all policies of the State of New York and the State University of New York. SUNY Geneseo may update, change, revise, or amend any policy contained on the website, as well as adopt new policies, at any time without notice to users. However, every effort will be made to notify appropriate parties of any updates, changes, revisions, amendments, or new policies affecting their respective areas.

To ensure that all institutional policies support the mission and values of the College, SUNY Geneseo provides all campus constituencies with clear guidelines for policy development, approval, and implementation, and the criteria and standards that apply across the institution. This information is outlined in Policy on Policies 1-006.

Although every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy and currency of the policies found on this website, it is the user's responsibility to check with the appropriate office or party to determine whether changes, additions, or deletions may have been made to specific policies.

Title Category
Promoting the Respectful Workplace Policy Human Resources
Web Accessibility Policy General College
Accident Reporting Policy Human Resources
Affirmative Action - Equal Employment Opportunity Policy Diversity & Equity
Affirmative Action – Gender-Inclusive Language Policy Diversity & Equity
Affirmative Action - Nepotism Policy Diversity & Equity
Alcohol and Substance Abuse in the Workplace Human Resources
Social Security Number Policy General College
Policy on Policies General College
Facilities Use Policy General College