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Global Political Economy Track

To satisfy the Global Political Economy Track, students must take five courses from the list below:

ANTH 307 Third World Development
COMN 362 International Mass Communication
ECON 355 Economic Development and Growth
ECON 364 International Trade and Economic Policy
ECON 365 International Macroeconomics
FREN 313 Contemporary French Civilization
FREN 335 French for Business
GEOG 266 Geography of the Western Pacific Rim
GERM 313 Contemporary German Civilization
GERM 325 German Civilization
GERM 335 Commercial German
FNCE 316 International Finance
MGMT 370 International Business
PLSC 222 Politics of East Asia
PLSC 223 Politics of South Asia
PLSC 225 Politics of East Central Europe
PLSC 226 Politics of Western Europe
PLSC 228 Developing World Politics (if not selected as a basic requirement)
PLSC 240 Asia in the Global Setting
PLSC 248 Politics of the European Union
PLSC 348 Politics of International Economic Relations
SOCL 325 Global Social Change
SPAN 313 Spanish Civilization II: Contemporary Era
SPAN 314 M/Latin American Civilizations III
SPAN 335 Spanish for the Professions: (Subtitle)

Note that many upper division track courses have prerequisites other than the basic requirements. Students should plan their schedules accordingly to ensure that they meet any relevant prerequisites.

Those students interested in an International Business focus should seriously consider majoring in Management, Economics, or Accounting, with a second major or a minor in International Relations.