Individualized Studies

Recent Individualized Studies Majors

  • Ethics and Communication for Labor Relations in Education
  • Mental Health and Classroom Environments
  • Movement and Play-Based Learning
  • Child and Youth Studies: School, Family, and Self
  • Childhood Development Through Play
  • Corporate Education

Individualized Studies

Why study individualized studies at Geneseo?

The individualized studies major reflects SUNY Geneseo students’ intentional design of their education: a synthesis of courses across two or more subject areas (e.g., education and music) to create something excitingly new. Students will focus on a subject, topic, or theme that is not covered in existing majors or combinations of academic programs. This gives students the unique opportunity to design a liberal arts and sciences study program that fits their interests and needs and is directed by their personal passions. Students are supported by faculty advisors and the director of the Center for Integrative Learning to ensure the major is both exciting and feasible.


Program Options

Program Highlights

  • Students complete a major capstone experience that encourages them to integrate and apply what they’ve learned in their major to real-world situations and reflect on their future goals and aspirations.
  • Faculty advisors guide coursework in primary and secondary disciplines, with ample room for exploration through electives.

Sample Required Course

  • Individualized Studies Capstone Seminar

Sample Popular Electives

  • Electives differ with each student-designed program.

Contact Info

Christina Merrilees, Individualized Studies Program Coordinator and Associate Professor of Psychology
Bailey Hall 116

Individualized Studies

Center for Integrative Learning Team

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