4+3 and 3+3 Doctorate of Chiropractic Program

Students interested in chiropractic medicine have the opportunity for early admission into the Northeast College of Health Sciences in nearby Seneca Falls, New York with this affordable pathway program. Eligible programs at SUNY Geneseo include:

4+3 Doctor of Chiropractic

(undergraduate at Geneseo, three years graduate at Northeast)

BS in biochemistry
BA/BS in biology
BS in biophysics
BA/BS in chemistry
BS in neuroscience

3+3 Doctor of Chiropractic

(first three years at Geneseo, second three years at Northeast. First year of credits at Northeast transfer back to Geneseo to complete the BS.)

BS in biochemistry
BS in biology
BS in biophysics
BS in chemistry
BS in neuroscience


Students enrolled in the above science majors, and who meet academic criteria, are eligible for the program. Scholarships are also available, based on the student’s GPA at Geneseo.

How to Apply

Interested students must consult with their advisor and complete a letter of intent, signed by the advisor, at least one year prior to their anticipated date of matriculation at Northeast.

Learn More

Contact Tina Nedelkovska, PhD, at nedelkovska@geneseo.edu