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Individualized Studies Major: Design It Yourself

An Individualized Studies Major (ISM), either as a B.A. or B.S., allows students to assemble courses from two or more prefixes to create an interdisciplinary major that doesn't already exist. Recent ISMs have included Theatre as Social Therapy, Corporate Education, and Childhood Development through Play.

STEM Activities for Interdisciplinary Teams |

Housed in the Center for Integrative Learning, the Individualized Studies Majors - known at some colleges as “Design Your Own Major” programs - meet Geneseo learning outcomes (GLOBE) by helping you connect knowledge and skills across areas and make connections to issues facing today’s society. In particular, an ISMs allows you to demonstrate: 

  • Integrative Inquiry: To ask meaningful questions connecting personal experiences to academic study and co-curricular life; to synthesize multiple bodies of knowledge to address real-world problems and issues. 
  • Application and Transfer: To adapt and apply skills, theories, and methods gained in one or more domains to new situations. 
  • Reflection: To reflect upon changes in learning and outlook over time; to make personal, professional, and civic plans based on that self-reflection.

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