Becoming an Individualized Studies Major

Who is Eligible to Become a ISM?

You can work towards your individualized study major (ISM) with the Center for Integrative Learning (CIL) anytime. After completing 30 credit hours—at least 21 earned at Geneseo—you can declare an ISM. But start early to begin designing your major. Transfer students admitted with 60 or more credits can propose an ISM at any time.

If you are a current Geneseo student, the first step to becoming an ISM is to fill out the ISM Program Proposal form and the ISM Course Plan form. Send completed forms to the interim Individualized Studies Major Coordinator Dr. Christina Merrilees ( If you have questions about your proposal, contact Dr. Merrilees who will be happy to help you through the proposal process. 

After receiving your proposal and course plan, the director will contact you to talk further about your plans, the ISM process, and to ensure no existing program of study meets your needs.

If you are a prospective Geneseo student, please contact Admissions:, or by phone at (866) 245-5211 or (585) 245-5571

Questions? Contact CIL at