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All undergraduates at Geneseo complete a core curriculum, as defined in A Geneseo Education for a Connected World. All students will meet basic outcomes in communication, scientific inquiry, and participation in a global society for a minimum of thirty credits.

You can view Geneseo's majors, minors, and other programs below. Or you can search for a program of interest using our academic program finder.

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Undergraduate Majors

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Other Opportunities

Cross Registration at Rochester Colleges

Geneseo students are eligible to enroll in up to two courses per semester at any of the 12 colleges and universities that comprise the Rochester Area College Consortium - including the University of Rochester and the Rochester Institute of Technology - at no additional cost.

Air Force and Army ROTC

Receive your education at Geneseo while getting officer education at RIT. For more information, visit the RIT Air Force ROTC website or the RIT Army ROTC website.