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College Council Meeting Minutes: February 7, 2020


Tower Room, Doty Hall

February 7, 2020

PRESENT: Gidget Hopf - remotely

Judith Hunter - remotely

Christian Valentino - remotely

Robert Wayland-Smith, Chair - remotely

Adam Hansen, Student Association President – in person

STAFF: Denise Battles, President

David Braverman, Interim Vice President for Student and Campus Life

Julie Buehler, Vice President for Finance and Administration

Glenn Geiser-Getz, Vice Provost for Academic Affairs

David Irwin, Interim Chief Communications and Marketing Officer

Wendi Kinney, Senior Associate to the President

Christie Reed, Administrative Assistant to the President

robbie routenberg, Chief Diversity Officer

Amy Sheldon, College Senate Chair

Costas Solomou, Vice President for Enrollment Management

GUESTS: Melanie Blood, Interim Associate Provost for Assessment & Curriculum

Kurt Fletcher, Distinguished Teaching Professor, Physics & Astronomy

Garth Freeman, Coordinator of Student Leadership, Volunteerism, and Service

Julie Rao, Director of Institutional Research Anthony Miraglia, student Ashley Sanchez, student


Chair Wayland-Smith called the meeting to order at 1:02 p.m.

The minutes of the November 15, 2020 meeting were approved.


Middle States Accreditation

Dr. Melanie Blood, Interim Associate Provost for Assessment & Curriculum

Dr. Kurt Fletcher, Distinguished Teaching Professor, Physics & Astronomy

Dr. Julie Rao, Director of Institutional Research

The Middle States Accreditation co-chairs shared an overview of the self-study process and timeline. The self-study work will take place between Fall 2019 and Spring 2022 and will involve gathering evidence that supports the seven standards and requirements of affiliation. The co-chairs have identified and refined five institutional priorities that align with the College’s strategic plan. The steering committee will be engaging the broad campus community, including members of College Council, in the self-study process.


Presenters engaged attendees in an exploration of Standard VII: Governance, Leadership, Administration. Participants brainstormed evidence that would demonstrate Geneseo’s clearly articulated and transparent governance structure.


Food Security on Campus: What We Know and What We Don’t Know

Garth Freeman, Coordinator of Student Leadership, Volunteerism, and Service

Anthony Miraglia ’20, Food Security Advocate

Ashley Sanchez ’21, Food Security Advocate

Presenters offered an overview of the various initiatives on and off campus related to food security that are led by the student-run Food Security Advocates organization, in collaboration with the student volunteerism staff. Efforts that are supported, in part, by Campus Auxiliary Services (CAS), were highlighted. Additionally, new initiatives and partnerships were shared.

The presenters shared data compiled by the SUNY Food Insecurity Task Force about the degree of food insecurity SUNY-wide and for Geneseo students, and compared them to national data. Options for Geneseo students experiencing food insecurity were provided, as well as recommendations for future action.

Participants engaged in a discussion about ways to enhance student access to support efforts.


Adam Hansen offered several updates. The SA strategic plan is continuing to evolve and a rough draft is expected to be shared with cabinet in March. SA elections for next year’s officers will begin soon. The timeline has moved up to give a longer period for officer transition. SA has submitted proposed legislation to SUNY related to transfer student matriculation. A few new clubs were approved for SA membership. SA and the College will be collaborating to host a student conversation.


Amy Sheldon shared an update on College Senate activities. The Senate endorsed the University Faculty Senate resolution, “Support for SUNY Negotiations for a fair and reasonable contract with Elsevier,” which seeks to establish reasonable pricing for access to Elsevier journals. They expect endorsement of the resolution, “SUNY/CUNY Budget,” which calls on the State to more adequately fund SUNY/CUNY and asks all employees and NYS residents to contact the governor’s office and state representatives and request SUNY/CUNY funding. The senate will be introducing a new minor in data analytics and revisions to the recently approved BA in sociomedical sciences. Senate expects to have a 2nd reading of a new policy that will make it easier for pass/fail credits to transfer in to Geneseo, making transferring to Geneseo easier for some students. They also expect to endorse an open access policy that would ask all faculty/staff who publish work to make that work available online. Integrative curricular microcredentials will be a way to acknowledge curricular and cocurricular skill sets achieved. Vice President Buehler will attend the next Senate meeting to present on the financial health of the college.


President Battles shared a variety of institutional updates:

Strategic Planning

Campus’ efforts continue in year four, overseen by the SPG’s five sub-committees:

• learning

• access and success

• advancing the public good

• resilience and sustainability

• diversity, equity and inclusion

We continue implementation of the new planning platform, Nuventive. Focus area four is, in part, related to the ongoing health and sustainability of the College.

Budget Update

Vice President for Finance and Administration Julie Buehler shared a budget update, current financial challenges, and highlights of the College’s financial get well plan.

Milne Library Project

A status update on project work related to the Milne Library closure was shared. Library services have been distributed across campus.

Leadership Recruitment

The upcoming arrivals of the College’s new Vice President for College Advancement and Interim Executive Director of Campus Auxiliary Services were highlighted. Additionally, an update was offered on recruitment efforts for Vice President for Student and Campus Life and Chief Communications and Marketing Officer.

Schola Brevis Sessions

The Schola Brevis initiative which was rolled out in the fall semester, with the goal of informing and engaging the campus community in addressing major College challenges and opportunities, will continue in the spring semester. Topics are informed by a campus-wide survey and evaluation results from fall sessions

. • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Geneseo (Feb. 13)

• Test-Optional College Admissions (TBD - March)


Battles highlighted a few of the many recent faculty, staff, student, and alumni achievements, awards, and recognitions.


Chair thanked council members for joining the meeting remotely due to inclement weather. The meeting adjourned at 3:07p.m.

Denise A. Battles


Wendi Kinney

Recording Secretary