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Al Abonado

Adjunct Lecturer
Welles 218C


  • HONR 207: HonSem:Interviewing Geneseo

    This seminar will provide students the opportunity to examine distinct, overlapping, and shared cultural identities, traditions, and experiences. Each seminar will explore a selected topic through the lens of at least two of the following: race, ethnicity, gender, class, sexual orientation, religion, and disability. Seminar topics may focus on national, international, and/or transnational issues. Typical titles might be: Gender, Culture, and International Development; Religion and Class in Northern Ireland; and African American Migration Narrative.

  • INTD 105: WrSm:Art & Politics of Mash-Up

    Writing Seminar is a course focusing on a specific topic while emphasizing writing practice and instruction, potentially taught by any member of the College faculty. Because this is primarily a course in writing, reading assignments will be briefer than in traditional topic courses, and students will prove their understanding of the subject matter through writing compositions rather than taking examinations.