Rules of Public Order

All members of the college community are required to abide by the statutory Rules Of Public Order (Section 6430 of the New York State Education Law).

Prohibited Conduct

No person, either singly or in concert with others, shall:

(a) willfully cause physical injury to any other person, nor threaten to do so for the purpose of compelling or inducing such other person to refrain from any act which s/he has a lawful right to do or do any act which s/he has lawful right not to do.

(b) physically restrain or detain any other person, nor remove such person from any place where s/he is authorized to remain.

(c)  willfully damage or destroy property of the institution or under its jurisdiction, nor remove or use such property without authorization.

(d) without permission, expressed or implied, enter into any private office of an administrative office, member of the faculty or staff member.

(e) enter upon or remain in any building or facility for any purpose other than its authorized uses or in such manner as to obstruct its authorized use by others.

(f) without authorization, remain in any building or facility after it is normally closed.

(g) refuse to leave any building or facility after being required to do so by an authorized administrative officer.

(h) obstruct the free movement of persons and vehicles in any place to which these rules apply.

(i) deliberately disrupt or prevent the peaceful and orderly conduct of classes, lectures and meetings or deliberately interfere with the freedom of any person to express his/her views, including invited speakers.

(j) knowingly have in his/her possession upon any premises to which these rules apply, any rifle, shotgun, pistol, revolver, or other firearm or weapon without the written authorization of the chief administrative officer whether or not a license to possess the same has been issued to such person.

(k) willfully incite others to commit any of the acts herein prohibited with specific intent to procure them to do so.

(l) take any action, create or participate in the creation of any situation which recklessly or intentionally endangers mental or physical health or which involves the forced consumption of liquor or drugs for the purpose of initiation into or affiliation with any organization.