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Geneseo Insomnia Film Festival

2023 Elements

  1. Someone experiencing regrets #WhatHaveIDone
  2. Someone doing a handstand #ShowOff
  3. Someone who speaks only in Pig latin #IgpayAtinlay
  4. Action-packed, martial arts fight sequence with cheesy sound effects #KungfuFighting
  5. A long take of at least 90 seconds (example from Touch of Evil) #LongTake
  6. A person that thinks they are the college’s mascot  #MascotMadness
  7. A scene shot or acted in slow motion #SloMo
  8. Two people enjoying a hot beverage together #TeaForTwo
  9. A puppet that offers advice... nothing but terrible advice. #PuppetMaster
  10. A scene making use of a Dutch Angle #UneasyAngle
  11. Entire story told from end to beginning #BackwardsDay
  12. Someone studying noisily #NoisyTimes
  13. A whip pan transition #IWhipMyPanBackAndForth 
  14. A clock running backwards #TimeMachine
  15. A close up of a coin landing heads up #TossACoin
  16. A park bench #TakeALoadOff
  17. Someone who communicates only through musical instrument(s) #UniversalLanguage
  18. Someone who LOVES campus food #CASsBiggestFan
  19. Someone wearing a Hawaiian shirt #Aloha
  20. Either a Low Angle Shot #WormsEyeView OR a High Angle Shot #BirdsEyeView (only counts once even if both are used)

You and your team have 24 hours to write, shoot, edit and post a 3-minute video... GO! Your team will compete for prizes against other SUNY Geneseo students in an attempt to incorporate three elements (from a list provided by the GIFF Overlords) into the most witty, interesting, and compelling video. This is a chance for students of all talents to flex their creative muscles and demonstrate a variety of skills, whether they be writers, actors, videographers, or editors. Rally the troops and get started!

The details at a glance

2023 Timeline

  • January 1st
    Registration Opens
  • March 11th
    Spring Break Begins
  • March 18th
    Spring Break Ends
  • March 20th
    Registrants Past this Point Will Not Receive T-Shirts
  • March 22nd
    Pre-Event Meeting (Drop in South 345 between 3:00-5PM)
  • March 24th
    GIFF Begins (5PM)
    5:00 PM
  • March 25th
    GIFF Ends! (5PM)
    5:00 PM
  • April 26th
    GREAT Day Awards Ceremony
    6:00PM, Wadsworth Auditorium
    More details


First Place $400 Amazon Gift Cards
Second Place $300 Amazon Gift Cards
Third Place $200 Geneseo Bookstore Gift Cards


Video submissions will be judged by a panel of five SUNY Geneseo Faculty and Staff. Each judge will use a subjective zero to five scale in each of the following categories:

  • Impact: Did the judges laugh? Did they cry? Did it make them think?
  • Cinematography: Was the the video visually compelling?
  • Story: How well written, thought-out and portrayed is the story being told using the elements provided?
  • Gestalt: How did the totality of the video strike the individual judge?

2018 Award Winners

Contact Us

Email dolce(at)
In Person Come Visit the GIFF HQ in South 225A
Phone (585) 245-6111
Twitter @GeneseoInsomnia






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