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Insomniac Survival Guide

What To Do In Advance

Step One: Rally the Troops!

Find up to three reliable friends/classmates that you think would work well together.

Remember, these are the people you will be splitting prizes with, so choose wisely!

Keep in mind that you may use more talent and resources than those registered.

Step Two: Register Your Team and Prepare

Registration for 2020 GIFF opens on January 1st

Going home for Spring Break? Bring back any video gear you might need!

Have any questions? Check the Rules and FAQ page.

Still have questions? Contact a GIFF Minion.

Step Three: Plan the "Who - Do - What"

Who will be your writer? Who will be your on-screen talent?

Who will shoot your video? Who will edit?

Be sure to play to each teammate's strengths. 

Step Four: Attend the GIFF Pre-Event!

March 25th 2020

CIT staff will be holding a GIFF Pre-Event meeting to help orient teams' expectations for the GIFF.

Teams are encouraged to attend for a chance to meet other teams, the event coordinator, ask questions and receive T-shirts!

Don't forget to pick up your GOLDEN TICKETS!

Step Five: Front-Load Your Sleep and be Ready to Rock

Make sure that you are well rested come 4:30PM on Friday March 27th.

You're gonna need it!

Also, come by South 345 to work on your project and drink some coffee

GIFF Minions will be on hand for the entirety of the event to help you with your master pieces. 


The Day Of: How This All Goes Down 

5:00 PM - Friday March 27th, 2020

The Insomnia Film Festival Website will post a list of elements (props, locations, phrases) on this very page as well as on Facebook.

Your team will select at least three and use them in your video.

At this point, your team will have 24 hours to write, shoot, edit and post your three minute video.

Instructions on how to access the dropbox will be provided to registered teams via email.

CIT staff will be hunkered down in TBD, iMovie and FCP X equipped, computer lab for the duration of the event to offer coffee and general GIFF related assistance. 

So, come down and talk video with us. Or, at least, have a cup of free coffee. Seriously, it's going to be a long day, come visit us.

5:00 PM - Saturday, March 28th, 2020

The video dropbox will close and video submissions will no longer be accepted.

Shortly thereafter all eligible submissions will be handed to our esteemed panel of judges.

ONLY submissions shorter than three minutes, submitted before 5PM March 30th, and that contain three of the required elements will be eligible to win. 

The Aftermath: How This All Wraps up 

6:30PM - Wednesday, APRIL 22nd, 2020

Entries will be publicly screened and winners announced at an open Award Ceremony as part of GREAT Day presentations in Wadsworth Auditorium.

It is at this point that prizes will be distributed to winning teams.

Come help recognize these excellent achievements by these talented young people.

CAS will provide light refreshments.

Bring your friends to witness The Awesome.