Pi in the Face for Autism

In the past four years, PRISM and the Council for Exceptional Children have been able to raise over $1500 for Autism Speaks by giving students the opportunity to throw a pie in the face of their professors, coaches, and administrators. Thanks to everyone who has helped with this wonderful event!

All of the participants/victims are listed below. If you see that your favorite professors, coaches or administrators are not listed, please encourage them to join us in the future. We have a fun time, and it serves a wonderful cause.

Some of our victims!

Some of our victims!

Some of our victims!

Here are some of the gracious victims who donated their face, time, and dignity!

The volunteer victims are:

Spring 2013: (Photos from Spring 2013)

  • Mathematics: Aaron Heap, Don House, Chris Leary, Gary Towsley
  • Athletics: Brooks Hawley
  • CIT: Sue Chichester
  • Communications: Andy Herman
  • Education: Elizabeth Hall, Susan Salmon
  • Philosophy: James Bennett

Spring 2012: (Photos from Spring 2012)

  • Mathematics: Aaron Heap, Chris Leary, Barbara Stewart, Gary Towsley
  • Biology: Rob Feissner
  • CIT: Sue Chichester
  • Computer Science: Jacob Clements
  • Education: Elizabeth Hall, Dennis Showers
  • Soccer: Meghan Verdino

Spring 2011: (Photos from Spring 2011)

  • Mathematics: Aaron Heap, Barbara Stewart, Gary Towsley
  • Administration: Kevin Reed
  • Education: Elizabeth Hall, Susan Salmon
  • Physics: Aaron Steinhauer

Spring 2010: (Photos from Spring 2010)

  • Mathematics: Aaron Heap, Chris Leary, Olympia Nicodemi, Lisa Smith, Gary Towsley, Ed Wallace
  • Administration: Provost Carol Long, Jim Milroy, Kevin Reed
  • Biology: Robert O'Donnell
  • Communications: Andrew Herman
  • Education: Susan Salmon, Annmarie Urso
  • Hockey: Kris Heeres
  • Physics: Kurt Fletcher