College Rolls out Public Awareness, Perception Survey

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SUNY Geneseo has embarked upon a range of initiatives to raise and enhance the profile and public awareness of the College as outlined in its strategic plan, Geneseo 2021: Seeing Beyond the Horizon.

Leading the effort is a small branding team, which includes Jeff Gutenberg, associate professor of management; Julie Rao, director of institutional research; Brian Bennett, director of strategic initiatives; Gail Glover, chief communications and marketing officer; and Mallory Giambra, marketing director for Campus Auxiliary Services. The team developed a strategy for the project, tapping not only faculty and staff talent and creativity but also that of students in the School of Business. Initial efforts included test surveys, a series of brand image focus groups and an audit of various College survey results.

This semester, the team is conducting a brand analysis that will gather input from both the SUNY Geneseo community as well as friends and supporters of the College. And the process began last week with the launch of the Building our Brand survey through which participants are encouraged to share their thoughts. The 10-minute survey includes questions that focus on campus culture and perceptions of the College and a section on proposed designs for an evolution of the SUNY Geneseo logo. The survey is voluntary and completely anonymous.

“We are hoping that members and friends of the College will consider taking the time to complete the survey, “ said Gail Glover, chief communications and marketing officer. “The results will help create a ‘baseline’ for us as we develop of institutional branding messaging, tools and resources that when combined, will help propel Geneseo from its mission to its vision by creatively conveying a strategy that will take it from where we are to where we want to go.”

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Questions can be directed at any member of the branding team.

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