Infrastructure, Upgrade Projects Well Underway

The Sturges Quad from above with the construction

The Sturges Quad /PHOTO BY KEITH WALTERS '11

The SUNY Geneseo campus is undergoing a series of infrastructure and renovation projects, ranging from roof replacements to electrical and telecommunication upgrades. The following is a list of current projects, updates and completion dates.

Red Jacket Dining Hall:

The Red Jacket Dining Hall is undergoing a major renovation, including the creation of a new retail-style eatery and the development of a dining and lounge/study area on the upper level of the two-story facility.

The lower level will include a range of new food stations serving amongst others, American cuisine items such as hotdogs and hamburgers. Other stations will feature salads, deli items, vegetarian choices and gluten-free options. Red Jacket will also offer a dessert/ice cream station and a Chef’s Corner similar to those in Letchworth Dining Hall. The renovation also includes the replacement of all exterior windows with new energy efficient windows, the installation of an elevator in the building to provide ADA accessibility, bathroom upgrades, and the installation of a new roof, fire alarm system, sprinkler system and electronic access control.

  • Current status: Framework, drywall and other structural elements have been put in place and electrical, plumbing and ductwork is underway. Tile work, painting and other finishes are in process. Window installation and roof replacement is nearing completion and kitchen equipment is on order.
  • Completion date: CAS is expected to move-in to the Red Jacket Dining Hall in July 2018 and gear up for a full-service reopening in the fall.

Sturges Quad

This project involves the replacement of the main steam lines from the central heating plant to Milne Library and the addition of new electrical distribution systems. Other elements of the project includes the replacement sanitary and storm sewer lines. The project will also give the surrounding sidewalks and landscaping a face-lift, while preserving the historic and much-loved icons: The Seuss Spruce and the Painted Tree.

  • Current status: Active construction will resume in Sturges Quad in mid-March. Sewer upgrades are complete and steam tunnel construction way in the quad is approximately halfway done. Underground utilities and sidewalks on the east side of Erwin and Wadsworth Auditorium and along the roadway work between Clark and Schrader Hall are complete. South Hall quad work and projects along the west side of South Hall were completed ahead of schedule, with only minor site work remaining.
  • Completion date: The Sturges Quad will reopen in August 2018. Infrastructure work will expand to the vicinity of ISC, Newton Hall and the greenhouse after commencement. The entire project is scheduled for completion by December 2018.

For more on this project, visit our earlier coverage of this project.

Sturges Hall and Fraser Hall:

Phase 1 of this project entails a complete renovation of Sturges Hall, including classrooms, hallways and offices. Accessibility for all to the building will be upgraded  and new mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire protection systems will be installed. The project also includes upgrades to Sturges bathrooms.

Phase 2 of the project will see the renovation of Fraser, including classrooms, offices and hallways. It will also include a new Center for Integrated Learning facility.

  • Current status: A programming team lead by the architecture firms, Flynn Battaglia and Perkins Eastman, conducted a town hall meeting Feb. 14 to gather input about what should be in the re-imagined buildings. The College continues to work with the State University Construction Fund (SUCF) to evaluate the project and consider design funding options. Discussion and meetings with campus constituents are ongoing, the goal is to review and reach a decision on a concept before the end of the school year
  • Completion date: TBD as both phases of this project is dependent on funding.

The Lauderdale Center for Student Health and Counseling:

The Lauderdale Health Center elevator is being replaced with an upgraded unit.  

  • Current status: This project is currently in the bidding process. Construction is expected to take place during summer 2018.
  • Completion date: The elevator is expected to be in service by late summer 2018.

Erwin Hall, Schrader Sports and Recreation Building, and the Clark Service Building:

The project calls for the replacement of roofing on the Erwin, Schrader and Clark facilities.

  • Current status: Plans and designs will be completed in the coming weeks. Work on the Clark and Schrader roofs is expected to take place in summer 2018. The work on Erwin will take place in summer 2019.
  • Completion date: Clark and Schrader roofs will be completed by late summer 2018. The work on the Erwin roof will be finished by late summer 2019.

The Myrtle A. Merritt Athletic Center and Schrader:

Project 1: A series of cracks in one of the Merritt pool walls has lead to water leaks to the nearby sub-basement mechanical space. Due to safety concerns and to avoid further damage, the pool was immediately drained and closed. This project involves restoring the structural integrity of the pool wall.

  • Current status: A design consultant assessed the emergency conditions and construction documents were prepared. The bidding process is finished and a general contractor has been secured to complete the necessary repairs.
  • Completion date: The project is expected to be completed by August 2018.

Project 2: The project will relocate the Merritt pool’s sub-basement mechanical room in order to facilitate equipment replacement and enhance operational efficiency and safety. An associated element of this project is asbestos abatement around the Schrader Hall pool.

  • Current status: A feasibility study and project scope has been completed and is now in the design development phase.
  • Completion date: Both the Merritt pool mechanical room project and the Schrader Hall pool asbestos abatement is expected to be completed by December 2019.

Welles Hall:

This project replaces the existing lead-coated copper roofing at Welles Hall. The roofing was constructed in 1932 and showing a great deal of wear and tear.  

  • Current status: The roof has been evaluated and is currently in the design phase. Renovation was considered but due to the roof’s age, the decision was made to completely replace it.
  • Completion date: October 2019.      


Room 4 in Schrader will be converted into a video training space for student-athletes. The facility will allow coaches and athletic personnel the ability to screen performance improvement and technique videos and present other multimedia material. The anticipated conversion of the space will involve the installation of a tiered theater platform and seating and new interior finishes, including graphics, flooring, lighting. The project also includes the installation of new audio visual systems.  

  • Current status: The bidding phase process has been completed and general contractor has been secured. Construction will begin over summer 2018.
  • Completion date: Late summer.

Track facility:

This project entails the construction of a 2,100-square-foot metal building near the existing track.

  • Current status: The bidding process has been completed and a contractor secured. Construction will begin in summer 2018.  
  • Completion date: Late summer.

Questions? Contact Dave Norton, associate director of facilities planning and construction, via email or at (585) 245-5511 or Michael A. Neiderbach, director of planning and construction, via email or (585) 245-5511.