The Power of Unconventional Connection

Eric Hinman '02 and friends (Photos courtesy of Eric Hinman '02)

Eric Hinman '02 and friends (Photos courtesy of Eric Hinman '02)

I am an only child, so growing up in the small town of Pulaski, NY, I had friends come over to play Ping Pong and basketball every night. I always enjoyed hosting the people around me. When I was at Geneseo, I liked throwing big parties because I loved leaving people with memories from great experiences.

At 26, my career dictated my life. My schedule was set by others, and I didn’t really exercise. I chased money, traded my time for it, and cared deeply about the public perception of success. I also resorted to drinking excessively to achieve a “state change.” I thought this was the way to meet people, to be vulnerable, and to have fun.

Triathlons changed all that.

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