Sustainability Lecture on Connection Between Environment and Health

Sandra Steingraber

Sandra Steingraber, PhD (Photo provided)

Activist, biologist, author, senior scientist, and cancer survivor Sandra Steingraber will deliver the President’s Sustainability Lecture on Wednesday, October 5, at 2:30 p.m. in the College Union Ballroom. The lecture is free and open to the public.

Steingraber will speak about “Designing the Unfractured Future: Thoughts on Pipelines and Plastic in an Age of Climate Emergency.”

When Steingraber was 20, she was diagnosed with bladder cancer, which later went into remission. Steingraber earned her undergraduate degree from Illinois Wesleyan University, a doctorate in biology from the University of Michigan and a post-doctoral fellowship from Harvard. Steingraber devotes much of her time to writing and lecturing about environmental factors contributing to reproductive health problems and understanding how chemical pollutants in our environment endanger human health and well-being. Her research on the links between synthetic chemicals and human cancer was the basis of her acclaimed book, Living Downstream, which was made into a documentary film of the same name.

Steingraber is also an anti-fracking activist and advocates for environmental protection. She is featured in the documentary film Unfractured.

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