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Weeks of Welcome

Orientation and Weeks of Welcome

Orientation and Weeks of Welcome (WOW) help transition first year and transfer students to the next steps of their academic and life journeys.

Orientation provides opportunities for students to acclimate to campus, make connections, develop pride in Geneseo and establish a foundation for academic success.

Weeks of Welcome is series of events at the beginning of the semester to welcome our new students and help them get to know the campus and make new friends. Participation in Orientation & WOW activities is one of the best ways to start getting the most out of the Geneseo experience.

Tentative Schedule for Summer Orientation and Weeks of Welcome 2021

  • Mid-July: Launch Orientation podcasts (students, families)
  • August 2: Launch Orientation website (students)
  • August 16: Orientation Leaders begin virtual engagement with orientation groups (students)
  • August 18: Welcome to the Knight Family Virtual Session (families)
  • August 26: Move-In (students, families)
  • August 26-29: In-person Orientation (students)
  • August 27-September 10: Weeks of Welcome (students)
  • August 27-December 13 (Last Day of Classes): Semester-Long Orientation/New Student Connections and Success (students)

WOW Photo Gallery

  • student jumping in waterslide
  • obstacle course
  • climbing wall
  • tug of war
  • teamwork obstacle
  • acapella group
  • climbing obstacle
  • team leaders on golf cart

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