New Student Orientation


Welcome to the Knight Life! 

Even though you're not on campus yet, your journey has already begun!

At Geneseo, New Student Orientation plays an important role in the onboarding process for new students. The onboarding process began when you accepted your offer to Geneseo and will extend to the end of your first semester at Geneseo.

What is New Student Orientation?

New Student ‚ÄčOrientation at Geneseo helps transition first-year and transfer students to the next steps of their academic and life journeys. It provides opportunities for students to acclimate to campus, make connections, foster a sense of pride in Geneseo, and establish a foundation for academic success. The aim of Orientation, including Weeks of Welcome, is to lay the groundwork for a happy and productive college experience.  

Stay Connected!

At Geneseo, we begin to engage you before you arrive on campus with written and virtual communications, and continue to cultivate that relationship when you arrive for the in-person orientation before the start of classes. Be sure to check your Geneseo email to receive updates!

Upcoming Dates

On Campus Spring Orientation: January 19, 2024
In-Person Fall Orientation: August 20-August 24