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Upcoming events of special interest to psychology and neuroscience students.

There are no upcoming events at this time.


Past Events 2021

April 28th

Wednesday, April 28th @ 2:30-3:45pm

"The white allyship deficit: A crisis of thinking vs acting"

Presented by Noor Sharif, Dana Strauss, and Sophia Gran-Ruaz from the Culture and Mental Health Disparities lab at the University of Ottawa.

Come to this virtual brown bag to learn about current research on white allyship!

A registration link was sent to psychology and neuroscience majors on 4/17. Sponsored by the Social Justice Working Group in Psychology. Questions? contact

April 27th

Want to learn more about possible fields you might be interested in? Join us on Tuesday, April 27 at 7pm for our virtual Career Night! You'll have the opportunity to hear from seven different speakers and ask questions! 
  • Forensic Psychology
  • Social Work
  • MPH/Public Health
  • I/O and Human Resources
  • Family Psychology
  • Clinical Psychology
  • School Psychology
A zoom link was sent to psychology majors on 4/22

April 26th

There is a community vigil at 6 pm on April 26 at the College Green organized by several of the AAPI culture clubs on campus to commemorate the lives of the victims of the Atlanta and Indianapolis shootings and all victims of hate crimes.

April 21st

On Wednesday, April 21 at 7 pm, Amy Bach, the founder of Rochester-based Measures for Justice, will be speaking at a Geneseo-sponsored Zoom Webinar about her organization, which she founded to apply data analytics to the measurement of outcomes in the nation’s criminal courts. The organization's motto is:

                                         No Data. No Change.

Amy has grown this organization from basically herself and an assistant sitting at a kitchen table into a formidable not-for-profit employing several dozen researchers, analysts, and lawyers.

It’s a great social-justice entrepreneurship success story and a terrific example of the application of data analytics to what many might consider an unlikely subject.

You can learn more about Measures for Justice at

A zoom link was sent to psychology and neuroscience majors on 4/17. Sponsored by the Pre-Law Program.

April 21st

Academic Perspectives on the Chauvin Trial Panel (Wednesday, April 21, 2021, 5pm).
Moderator: Melanie Medeiros, Anthropology
Jennifer Guzman, Linguistics and Courtroom Interaction
Bill Lofquist, The Limits of Criminal Justice
Bruno Renero-Hannan, Social Movements and Political Strategies around Legal Proceedings
Nick Robertson, Is Reform Possible?: An Examination of Rochester and Irondequoit, NY
Amanda Roth, Moral Theories of Punishment and Abolitionism

April 20th

Interested in Clinical Psychology? Join us on Tuesday, April 20th at 5:20pm with Dr. Brown to learn about her path to becoming a clinical psychologist as well as her research interests, classes, and advice for students interested in clinical psych. Feel free to bring any questions you may have about the field in general!! Everyone is welcome to attend! Hope to see you there!

A zoom link was sent to psychology and neuroscience majors on 4/17. Sponsored by the Psychology Club. Questions? contact