Psychology Internships

Community Internships (PSYC 395)

Community Internship Application Form (Summer and Fall 2018)


An internship encourages you to apply what you have learned in the classroom in a professional setting related to your major; it should be among the most important experiences of your college career. Please read carefully the attached information sheet. If you would like to explore internship options, see the coordinator of internships in psychology. An application form (see above) needs to be submitted the semester prior to the semester in which you wish to do an internship. Information on possible internship placements and student interns' evaluations of their internship experiences are available in the Psychology Commons room, Bailey 126. Additional information on internship opportunities is available from the Career Development Office and the college’s Associate Director for Internships in Erwin 116.

Program Description

The Internship Program provides upper-division students at SUNY Geneseo with an opportunity to gain meaningful field experience with public and private companies and agencies. Qualified students supplement classroom learning with first-hand experience in professional settings which are appropriate for their academic background and career objectives. We expect that the students will gain from the experience and that the intern will be of assistance to the sponsoring agency.

The required, academic component of the course includes a weekly, one-hour seminar involving presentations and discussions of relevant ethical and organizational issues. A scholarly, critical review of the theoretical and empirical literature and application to the internship experience is required.

Please note: The required seminar for community interns takes place on Wednesdays from 5 to 6 p.m. Community interns cannot sign up for classes that may conflict with this time slot.

Admission Requirements and Procedures

  1. The following minimum requirements establish eligibility for admission to the Internship Program:
  2. Normally junior or senior class standing (may include selected sophomores)
  3. A cumulative GPA of 2.75 and a 3.0 in major
  4. A minimum of 9 credits of psychology at Geneseo.
  5. Submission to departmental internship coordinator of application (see above), and latest unofficial transcript. A completed application does not ensure placement.
  6. Letters of reference are required on the forms provided with the application (see above). At least one of these letters should be from a professor in the psychology department.
  7. An interview with the departmental internship coordinator (or departmental representative) is required.
  8. Students accepted into the Internship Program will be so notified by the psychology department.

Registration and Credit

  • Students cannot register for the Internship Program by themselves. The student and faculty internship coordinator will fill out a contract form. Registration for the internship is completed by the departmental internship coordinator (or departmental representative) the first week of classes, upon receipt of the internship contract.
  • The intern will be enrolled under a department course of PSYC 395 or INTD 395 and will earn a total of 3-12 credits according to the contract negotiated and the contract hour chart listed below.
Number of Credits Min. Hrs of Work Required
3 115
4 150
6 225
9 338
12 450
15 563
(1 credit = minimum of 37.5 hours of fieldwork)
  • Failure to complete all requirements for the internship will lead to an incomplete or unsatisfactory grade from the faculty director.
  • Internship credits will be counted as part of the maximum semester hours allowed within a department.
  • The maximum number of internship credits that can be applied toward requirements in the major is six credits or less, as determined by the major department. The maximum number of internship credits allowed in a minor is three credits, unless the internship is a specified requirement in the minor.
  • The maximum number of internship credits allowed for the degree is 15.
  • We encourage students to register for no more than 16 hours, including the internship during a semester in which they are doing an internship.

Teaching of Psychology Internship (PSYC 396)

TI Application due April 16, 2018

This course offers practical teaching experience in undergraduate psychology, as practicum students work closely with a supervising professor for a specified course. Responsibilities may include assisting in preparation and presentation of lectures and labs, holding office hours and review sessions with students, helping to prepare exams and assignments, and providing evaluative feedback to students. Students are required to participate in a weekly one-hour seminar discussing ethical, organizational, and practical issues. Prerequisites: Psychology major, junior or senior standing, GPA of 3.0 in psychology courses, 2.75 GPA overall, AND permission of the instructor. Students may enroll for the teaching practicum in psychology only after acceptance through a formal application procedure completed during the semester prior to enrollment. 3 credits (as arranged). Credits: 3(3-0) Offered by individual arrangement.

TI Evaluation Form

Feedback Form

Field Responsibilities

Field Responsibilities may include the following:

Assist in preparation/presentation of labs, lectures and tests. Review lecture material with students. Tutor students requiring assistance with course material. Opportunities exist to design and present lecture/lab material to the class. Assist in the grading of homework assignments/ portions of exams.

Academic Requirements

  1. All Teaching Interns must have an Overall G.P.A. of at least 2.75 and a Psychology G.P.A. of at least 3.00
  2. All Teaching Interns MUST attend seminars which will focus on the philosophy and techniques of teaching.

Application Procedures

Students who meet the academic requirements are encouraged to speak directly with faculty members about working as interns under their direction. Most internship placements are made based on agreements reached directly between faculty and students. If you make arrangements with a faculty member to work as their intern, be certain that the faculty member contacts the Internship program director.

All applicants (even those who have made arrangements directly with a faculty member) must complete an application and submit an unofficial transcript to be considered for a Teaching Internship position in Psychology. All information should be sent to the Internship director. E-mail communication is encouraged, but you may also send hard copies of information via campus mail. If you are accepted into the program, you will be notified by e-mail during the semester break. Accepted students will be notified of any requirement changes if they occur.

No student may register for the internship program in advance. Those students who are accepted into the program register during the first week of the semester in which their internship takes place.

*Note: Attendance to the weekly TI seminar is required.

Peer Advocacy

Geneseo Pathways is a confidential peer-to-peer based program that began during the fall 2011 semester.